Writing : Howz & Whyz !!!

“Allzhere” is a team that’s passionate to share information. That’s it.
We’re no writers or literature people who can add a wow factor to words and sentences.
Allzhere intends to share a concise and consumable version of information and that’s why we term our style of blogging as “In Your Face”.
“In Your Face” ; no silly business; no “blah-blah” happy go lucky text; Just the information one needs.
This is how we started; ensuring a step-by-step process documentation of couple of tasks and we’ve done that to our posts in other categories like Travel, Food, etc.
Having said this, I would add that for any reader consuming information on Allzhere and applying it to help him or others is very encouraging for us.
On another note, we are always looking forward to enhance the blog and will be taking up a write work that involves a bit matured outlook to writing. However, it is some distance from where we stand today.
Hopefully, you’ll be there when we’re there !!!