Are we protected? – The Solution


This article is in continuation of our series on Financial planning. The first article in the series was posted last week explaining the common scenario in Indian families regarding Financial planning. Check it out here. After knowing the problem now, lets move towards the solution. One of Subodh’s friend stepped … Continue reading

Are we protected?


In our Finance Category, We are coming up with a series of articles of various facets of Financial Planning, specially for the kind of family structures we have in India. This is the first article in the series which tells a story of an average Indian family. We’ll keep posting … Continue reading

Zipper Locks – Delhi Metro/Railway Safety Precaution


Delhi Metro and other railways serve an excellent mode of transportation to public. However, there are some safety issues and I am going to highlight one such scenario. Commuters often carry bag packs to office. There are two sections in these bags. The main section is mostly used for laptops, … Continue reading

Car Safety/Toolkit

Car Safety/Tool Kit This documentation is about a safety kit that should be available in our cars. I am not covering the “Why Safety Kit” in this document as there are numerous scenarios one can think for keeping safety kit in your car. Nowadays, cars are shipped with a limited … Continue reading

Life Hammer

Life/Safety Hammer A car safety emergency hammer allows people to escape from being trapped in vehicles by cutting jammed seat belts and breaking car windows. It’s essential as we find the most sophisticated cars catch fire due to a short circuit. Also, it can be very handy for females and … Continue reading