Pattaya To Dos

If you’re planning a trip to Pattaya, following are some of the things you should be on your to-do list: Tiffany Show: This is a Cabaret Show in Pattaya performed by lady boys. Ticket prices are 800-1000-1200 Baht. Walking Street: Checkout the following link for Walking street Massages: Checkout … Continue reading

Travel Options in Pattaya

Following are some of the travel options: Tuk Tuk : These are cheapest options available for getting from one place to another. Tariff varying from 20-100 Baht. Taxi: Motor Bikes are referred as taxi and take you from one place to another. The tariffs are higher than Tuk Tuk and … Continue reading

Massage In Pattaya

It is correct to state that massage is the most attractive thing in Thailand. Having said that, there are massage multiple options one can choose from. Thai Massage: These are genuine Thai massages and are extremely strong in nature. They are most done with elbows and hence can hurt you. … Continue reading

Walking Street-Pattaya

Walking street is the most happening place to be in Pattaya. The place tightly boasts of an amazing atmosphere and fun. Things kick off in the evening. However the real part pumps around 23:00 hrs and continues till early morning. Though the to-dos at walking street can be endless; I … Continue reading

Bangkok To Pattaya

In general, there are two options for travelling from Bangkok airport to Pattaya: Cab: From airport to hotel/resort. Private Cab(Toyota Corolla , Camry , Innova) costs you anything between 1500-2500 Baht. Public Taxi: There are public taxi stands and fares vary from 1000-1500 Baht for Toyota Corolla,Innova. It takes about 60-90 … Continue reading