Java Multithreading : A Practical Scenario Implementation Guide


JAVA’s multithreading feature is always briefed about in the introduction of JAVA. The typical tutorials on thread creation process and the all famous bank withdrawal example offer little about a practical approach to problem solving using multithreading. In this post, I will brief about a problem I faced in one … Continue reading

Hibernate Reverse Engineering Tips


Hibernate Reverse Engineering is used to generate hibernate POJO classes from the database schema. I recently got a task to create POJO classes for one of our projects. The task required generation of annotated java classes based on the schema definition. One of the main issues I faced during the … Continue reading

Java Memory Usage Monitoring Without Profiling Tools

Over the years, I have been involved in some projects involving web development in J2ee. JAVA memory usage is an issue that’s common among all. Following are some of the questions that come across to a developer regarding the JAVA memory: Memory Usage Statistics. Trending of Memory statistics. Memory Leak. … Continue reading