Throw Away That Plastic


Environmentalists have always derided use of plastic bags considering the harmful effect it has on our planet earth. The use of plastic bags continues to be a concern as a study reveals that plastic bags could take about 1000 years to decompose !!! In late 2012, Delhi government slapped a … Continue reading

Zipper Locks – Delhi Metro/Railway Safety Precaution


Delhi Metro and other railways serve an excellent mode of transportation to public. However, there are some safety issues and I am going to highlight one such scenario. Commuters often carry bag packs to office. There are two sections in these bags. The main section is mostly used for laptops, … Continue reading

National Population Register


Recently, Govt. of India launched second phase of registration drive for National Population Register(NPR). Under this drive, govt. is targeting to capture biometric details for citizens listed under census of India. For more details on the project and vision; please refer the following link. Last weekend,I experienced the process to register myself … Continue reading

Moradabad Foodie Weekend


Disclaimer: This article is for foodies. It’s regarding Indian food and has Hindi references. Also, Moradabad is tedious to write every time so I’m going to refer it as MBD. 🙂 October,2012 “Bakra Eid” weekend. This was when I visited Moradabad. Purpose of my visit was to witness my wife’s ancestral property … Continue reading

Voter Card Registration After Marriage

This document guides you regarding the VoterID Card application process. The scenario that I discuss below is “New Voter Card for Wife after marriage” Getting voter card made is the easiest process for a wife to obtain a proof of address after marriage. The following steps are involved in application … Continue reading