High Security Number Plate(HSRP) Process


HSRP i.e. High Security Registration Plate is highly secured number plate which has got a laser code and is equipped with non removable lock which prevents counterfeiting. It was in june, 2005 when the Govt. of India amended the Motor Vehicle Act to introduce new tamper proof High Security Registration … Continue reading

Travel Options in Pattaya

Following are some of the travel options: Tuk Tuk : These are cheapest options available for getting from one place to another. Tariff varying from 20-100 Baht. Taxi: Motor Bikes are referred as taxi and take you from one place to another. The tariffs are higher than Tuk Tuk and … Continue reading

Car Safety/Toolkit

Car Safety/Tool Kit This documentation is about a safety kit that should be available in our cars. I am not covering the “Why Safety Kit” in this document as there are numerous scenarios one can think for keeping safety kit in your car. Nowadays, cars are shipped with a limited … Continue reading

Life Hammer

Life/Safety Hammer A car safety emergency hammer allows people to escape from being trapped in vehicles by cutting jammed seat belts and breaking car windows. It’s essential as we find the most sophisticated cars catch fire due to a short circuit. Also, it can be very handy for females and … Continue reading

Transfer Car Ownership


This document describes procedure of transferring a car in purchaser’s name. The following documents are required for submission of application: Form 29: In duplicate. Form 30: In duplicate. One copy to be attested by Notary. “In Duplicate” implies you have to fill two copies of the above mentioned forms. PAN … Continue reading