Buying Guide : Used iPhone


I start this post with a popular quote, “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”. However, with the price of apple products, this one sounds better (not literally true though), “If you have an iPhone, you may not have anything else”. But then there is an … Continue reading

Java : Ping Server Status


The problem described in this post is a common use case in any web related program. There are several instances when you need to check if a server is up and running or not. Programming language provide their API’s to accomplish this task. Java is no exception. It has a … Continue reading

Help Me Android App – A life saver in Emergency


Lately, we have been seeing a sharp increase in Crime Against Women. These crimes include Eve teasing, Molestation, Rape, Kidnap, Attack and various other heinous crimes too. This is a sincere effort from us to do our bit to ensure safety for woman. Help Me is an Android application programmed … Continue reading

Agra Foodie Weekend


Agra, a place that competes for top weekend getaways from Delhi. It is a popular destination for friends and family, especially during an extended weekend. I had planned my trip to Agra for 2N/3D over an extended weekend as well. The best time to visit Agra would be anytime between … Continue reading

Yamuna Expressway : Wonder Path To One Of The 7 Wonders


Yamuna Expressway also known as Taj Expressway, is a 6-lane (actually 8 lanes),  highway connecting Greater Noida to Agra. It is India’s longest 6 lane highway. I traveled to Agra recently and was excited to do a full stretch on expressway. Last time i touched base was during the historic inaugural Indian … Continue reading

Damaged/Duplicate Driving Licence Re-Issue Process

Damaged/Duplicate Driving Licence Re-Issue Process

Click here to read this post in Hindi This is a post that describes application process to re-issue a driving licence in India. The reason for a re-issue can be a damaged licence. At times, issued licence can get damaged i.e. the photograph or content fades over a period of time. … Continue reading

Healer On Wheeler – Mr. J.P Mishra


In April, 2013 we went to spend a weekend in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It’s been 4 years since I left the city for good but there’s still a lot that attracts me to the place. The very thought of being there is nostalgic. I can say a lot on this topic … Continue reading

Foodie Bite : Gol Gappa


Is this post about Gol Gappa? Yes, it is. Is this post only about Gol Gappa?? Nope, it isn’t. It’s about an ordinary Indian snack made extra ordinarily. Though I wanted to highlight my experience about these really amazing Gol Gappas, I shall begin with what it is. If you’re … Continue reading

Java : Date Validation Against Multiple Formats


Input validation is a common step in every Java developer’s life. There were traditional ways of validating via splitting, parsing which later lead to regex and then annotations (frameworks). Recently, I was put forward a query to validate date in Java. Now, that’s a cake walk. We have Format classes … Continue reading

Are we protected? – The Solution


This article is in continuation of our series on Financial planning. The first article in the series was posted last week explaining the common scenario in Indian families regarding Financial planning. Check it out here. After knowing the problem now, lets move towards the solution. One of Subodh’s friend stepped … Continue reading