Teradata : Windows Install Guide


Technology is best learnt than taught. Teradata is no exception. Either of the above scenarios require a local installation. It gives you the freedom to learn your way and practice accordingly. In this post, i will describe my experience of installing Teradata on Windows XP (32-Bit) enabled laptop. Agreed that … Continue reading

India : House Renting Guide


In today’s world, a lot of people live away from their permanent homes and rent a house in their work cities. Often, after we shift to the new place, we come across situations that make us think whether the decision to rent this house was the right one. In this … Continue reading

Permanent Driving License Application Process in Delhi

Permanent Driving License Application Process in Delhi

Click here to view this post in Hindi As the name suggests, this post is about permanent driving license application process in Delhi. However, this is very different and unique one. It is the 1st ever post on Allzhere that has been contributed by one of our readers/visitors. Kapil Patil, one of the visitors at Allzhere decided … Continue reading

Thailand : Relax-Chillax at Krabi


Krabi is a town located on southern part of Thailand. It is a place where you will find green islands risen vertically to the sea. Its beautiful isolated beaches, still conserved in their natural forms are a major attraction for tourists and travelers. Most of these beaches are still not … Continue reading

Voter Card India Data Correction/ Re-Issue Process


Voter Card is an essential part of Indian democracy. It is with this card; that an individual can be a part of various elections in India. As soon as an Indian national turns 18; he/she becomes eligible to apply for a voter card. The process for enrolling in the census … Continue reading

Thailand : Phi-Phi Island Travel Guide


This is my second post after my trip to Thailand (2013). Koh Phi Phi is one place which is very well known for its beauty and has now become a favored tourist spot. Though argument continues on whether this island be kept as it is to preserve its natural beauty … Continue reading

Thailand : Transfers Between Suvarnabhumi And Don Muang Airport


Bangkok hosts two international airports for tourists travelling from and to Bangkok, Thailand. These are : Bangkok Airport – Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport – Don Muang The arrival airport depends on the airline you choose. There are some international arilines that operate at Suvarnabhumi airport only. Hence, in case you are looking … Continue reading

Foodie Bite : Bansi Chholey Bhathurey


Chholey Bhathurey is a highly preferred breakfast option in northern part of india. There are families who do not prepare breakfast on a Sunday to actually feast on chholey bhaturey. Such is the popularity and craze people have for it. The Sunday in winters becomes blissful when your’re standing outside … Continue reading

Step-by-step guide – Zippy (collapsable div) using Angular js


This post talks about creating a simple zippy/ collapsable HTML div element using Angular js. A zippy is an HTML component which can be used to show/hide a section of your html on click of a link, similar to the folder view of windows . I have used bootstrap-css for … Continue reading

Transfer Data From Teradata To Sybase IQ


This post is a detailed description of porting data from Teradata to Sybase IQ. I worked on this some time back and came across few learning opportunities which i would like to share. I am sure the audience is aware of what Teradata & Sybase IQ are; i will not … Continue reading