Help Me Android App – A life saver in Emergency


Lately, we have been seeing a sharp increase in Crime Against Women. These crimes include Eve teasing, Molestation, Rape, Kidnap, Attack and various other heinous crimes too. This is a sincere effort from us to do our bit to ensure safety for woman. Help Me is an Android application programmed … Continue reading

Android App : Contact Updater Utility


Contact Updater is another app developed by Allzhere and hosted on Google Play at the following link: As the name suggests, Contact Updater is an app that updates your contacts. The concept and usage scenario is typically found but not available in other applications. We all add/edit contacts to … Continue reading

Android Fast Camera – Click pictures without opening camera app


  We have developed our first application on Android for clicking pictures without opening any camera application. It clicks a picture whenever you press the APP ICON. This way, you do not miss an important shot while your camera app is still opening. The most amazing features available in this simple … Continue reading