Buying Guide : Pop-Up Toaster


Its been a while since i shopped some home appliance and hence posts under “Buying Guide” section have been missing. However, recently i had to pick a few goodies for home and one of them was “Pop-Up Toaster”. Totally agree that it is very small thing to buy and certainly … Continue reading

India : House Renting Guide


In today’s world, a lot of people live away from their permanent homes and rent a house in their work cities. Often, after we shift to the new place, we come across situations that make us think whether the decision to rent this house was the right one. In this … Continue reading

Buying Guide : Refrigerator


This post describes our experience on the refrigerator buying process. I am not going to list the importance and reasons for buying a refrigerator. Allzhere’s buying guides focuses on action. So here’s a description of various steps and considerations involved while buying a refrigerator for domestic usage. Size: The first, … Continue reading

Buying Guide : Used iPhone


I start this post with a popular quote, “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”. However, with the price of apple products, this one sounds better (not literally true though), “If you have an iPhone, you may not have anything else”. But then there is an … Continue reading

Buying Guide : Air Conditioner


Here comes another post on buying guide and it’s a season demanding “Air Conditioner”. I’ve recently bought one for myself. Just as are previous posts; this one will also focus on basics. Why do you need an air conditioner? I am not going to waste space and your time explaining … Continue reading

Electricity Conservation


This summer, let us save electricity. This slogan is extremely popular with power sector and environmentalists. Former is worried about demand exceeding supply and latter is concerned towards planet earth. There are various methods and suggestions to save electricity. Popular among these are CFL, timer AC, etc. These methods are deployable and adaptable; still … Continue reading

Buying Guide : Washing Machine


Updated : 18-Aug-2013. This is in continuation to our buying guide series and as before it will be focusing on basics. This time we’re detailing a buying guide for Washing Machine. Needless to say and further waste time on requirement/importance of this, i will straight away get down to the … Continue reading

Buying Guide : Microwave Oven


This is our first post on “Buying Guide” and we’ll focus to the point without doing any build up about the product. Here we go. Needless to say that Microwave Oven is a necessity for every kitchen. Here we are describing some basics for short listing a microwave oven for … Continue reading

Safe Home : Security Systems


Security at our homes always remains an issue of great concern. No matter how much effort you put in to secure your home, it will always appear to be insufficient. And there is no denying the fact that people spend much less on security systems as compared to spending on … Continue reading