The One At Mcleodganj

The One At Mcleodganj

What looks like a standard post under “Travel” section of Allzhere, is actually a “Guest” post by “Prachi Bhardwaj” who took it all by herself in what is described as “The One At Mcleodganj”. Here you go … It was a long weekend and I didn’t want to waste it. … Continue reading

Thailand : Relax-Chillax at Krabi


Krabi is a town located on southern part of Thailand. It is a place where you will find green islands risen vertically to the sea. Its beautiful isolated beaches, still conserved in their natural forms are a major attraction for tourists and travelers. Most of these beaches are still not … Continue reading

Thailand : Phi-Phi Island Travel Guide


This is my second post after my trip to Thailand (2013). Koh Phi Phi is one place which is very well known for its beauty and has now become a favored tourist spot. Though argument continues on whether this island be kept as it is to preserve its natural beauty … Continue reading

Thailand : Transfers Between Suvarnabhumi And Don Muang Airport


Bangkok hosts two international airports for tourists travelling from and to Bangkok, Thailand. These are : Bangkok Airport – Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport – Don Muang The arrival airport depends on the airline you choose. There are some international arilines that operate at Suvarnabhumi airport only. Hence, in case you are looking … Continue reading

Yamuna Expressway : Wonder Path To One Of The 7 Wonders


Yamuna Expressway also known as Taj Expressway, is a 6-lane (actually 8 lanes),  highway connecting Greater Noida to Agra. It is India’s longest 6 lane highway. I traveled to Agra recently and was excited to do a full stretch on expressway. Last time i touched base was during the historic inaugural Indian … Continue reading

Healer On Wheeler – Mr. J.P Mishra


In April, 2013 we went to spend a weekend in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It’s been 4 years since I left the city for good but there’s still a lot that attracts me to the place. The very thought of being there is nostalgic. I can say a lot on this topic … Continue reading

Trip to Gwalior


I visited Gwalior over a long weekend on New Year’s Eve, 2012. It’s a nice place to visit for 3-4 days. I started my journey from New Delhi to Bhopal via train in New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi. Train journey takes 4 hours and I booked a cab to my hotel … Continue reading

Mumbai Wedding

Recently, I attended a wedding in Mumbai. Before I go ahead with details of wedding, I must congratulate “Mumbaikars” for their punctuality. 7 P.M means 7 P.M. Very very impressive !!! This was my second invitation to a wedding in Mumbai involving a series of functions starting from a ritual … Continue reading

Pattaya To Dos

If you’re planning a trip to Pattaya, following are some of the things you should be on your to-do list: Tiffany Show: This is a Cabaret Show in Pattaya performed by lady boys. Ticket prices are 800-1000-1200 Baht. Walking Street: Checkout the following link for Walking street Massages: Checkout … Continue reading

Travel Options in Pattaya

Following are some of the travel options: Tuk Tuk : These are cheapest options available for getting from one place to another. Tariff varying from 20-100 Baht. Taxi: Motor Bikes are referred as taxi and take you from one place to another. The tariffs are higher than Tuk Tuk and … Continue reading

Massage In Pattaya

It is correct to state that massage is the most attractive thing in Thailand. Having said that, there are massage multiple options one can choose from. Thai Massage: These are genuine Thai massages and are extremely strong in nature. They are most done with elbows and hence can hurt you. … Continue reading

Walking Street-Pattaya

Walking street is the most happening place to be in Pattaya. The place tightly boasts of an amazing atmosphere and fun. Things kick off in the evening. However the real part pumps around 23:00 hrs and continues till early morning. Though the to-dos at walking street can be endless; I … Continue reading

Bangkok To Pattaya

In general, there are two options for travelling from Bangkok airport to Pattaya: Cab: From airport to hotel/resort. Private Cab(Toyota Corolla , Camry , Innova) costs you anything between 1500-2500 Baht. Public Taxi: There are public taxi stands and fares vary from 1000-1500 Baht for Toyota Corolla,Innova. It takes about 60-90 … Continue reading

Thailand Tourist Visa Application Before/On-Arrival

Thailand Travel Visa

This document describes tourist visa process for Thailand. Generally, there are two options for tourist visa application: Before Travel:Applying for visa before travel can save you anything between 20-40 minutes from the on arrival visa process. Apply online: link for India. You can find more links for respective countries on Google. … Continue reading

Mumbai Nashik Weekend Getaway


Nashik is about 4 hours drive from Mumbai. And road should be preferred to rail as the drive experience is awesome. Plan a trip to Nashik during rains (Aug-Sep) and you’ll love the drive when you go through clouds touching expressway. Expressway has some great food joints including very popular … Continue reading