The One At Mcleodganj

The One At Mcleodganj

What looks like a standard post under “Travel” section of Allzhere, is actually a “Guest” post by “Prachi Bhardwaj” who took it all by herself in what is described as “The One At Mcleodganj”. Here you go … It was a long weekend and I didn’t want to waste it. … Continue reading

Thailand : Relax-Chillax at Krabi


Krabi is a town located on southern part of Thailand. It is a place where you will find green islands risen vertically to the sea. Its beautiful isolated beaches, still conserved in their natural forms are a major attraction for tourists and travelers. Most of these beaches are still not … Continue reading

Thailand : Phi-Phi Island Travel Guide


This is my second post after my trip to Thailand (2013). Koh Phi Phi is one place which is very well known for its beauty and has now become a favored tourist spot. Though argument continues on whether this island be kept as it is to preserve its natural beauty … Continue reading

Thailand : Transfers Between Suvarnabhumi And Don Muang Airport


Bangkok hosts two international airports for tourists travelling from and to Bangkok, Thailand. These are : Bangkok Airport – Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport – Don Muang The arrival airport depends on the airline you choose. There are some international arilines that operate at Suvarnabhumi airport only. Hence, in case you are looking … Continue reading

Foodie Bite : Bansi Chholey Bhathurey


Chholey Bhathurey is a highly preferred breakfast option in northern part of india. There are families who do not prepare breakfast on a Sunday to actually feast on chholey bhaturey. Such is the popularity and craze people have for it. The Sunday in winters becomes blissful when your’re standing outside … Continue reading

Foodie Bite : Navratri Food Feast

Plenty of Options !!!!

Note: This post has some hindi content spelled in english. If you’re not aware of it; search the web for more details. Navratri marks fasting for some people and may be only garba-dandiya for others. But anyone who has experienced what is described in this post would top it on … Continue reading

Agra Foodie Weekend


Agra, a place that competes for top weekend getaways from Delhi. It is a popular destination for friends and family, especially during an extended weekend. I had planned my trip to Agra for 2N/3D over an extended weekend as well. The best time to visit Agra would be anytime between … Continue reading

Yamuna Expressway : Wonder Path To One Of The 7 Wonders


Yamuna Expressway also known as Taj Expressway, is a 6-lane (actually 8 lanes),  highway connecting Greater Noida to Agra. It is India’s longest 6 lane highway. I traveled to Agra recently and was excited to do a full stretch on expressway. Last time i touched base was during the historic inaugural Indian … Continue reading

Healer On Wheeler – Mr. J.P Mishra


In April, 2013 we went to spend a weekend in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It’s been 4 years since I left the city for good but there’s still a lot that attracts me to the place. The very thought of being there is nostalgic. I can say a lot on this topic … Continue reading

Foodie Bite : Gol Gappa


Is this post about Gol Gappa? Yes, it is. Is this post only about Gol Gappa?? Nope, it isn’t. It’s about an ordinary Indian snack made extra ordinarily. Though I wanted to highlight my experience about these really amazing Gol Gappas, I shall begin with what it is. If you’re … Continue reading

Ambala Foodie Weekend

Ambala Cantt

Ambala, mostly occurs in conversations as a landmark for your trip to Chandigarh, a diversion towards Amritsar and the famous Puran Singh Dhaba. However, there is much more that was associated with this place and will always be. I’ve spent a lot of time in Ambala and recently realized that it … Continue reading

Amritsar Foodie Weekend


This trip was over my mind for about 3 years. But finally Amritsar Foodie Weekend began on 26th April, 2013. I have always been over excited to have good food and Amritsar was a destination so reachable, yet seemed far. From the lame excuses to visit Amritsar only in winters … Continue reading

Best Amritsari Kulcha in New Delhi

By Best – I literally mean The BEST here. After an endless wait at the SDM office for getting my Marriage Registered, there was no better way to feel good than to have some awesome food. One of my friend who was also my witness for getting the marriage registered, told me about … Continue reading

Trip to Gwalior


I visited Gwalior over a long weekend on New Year’s Eve, 2012. It’s a nice place to visit for 3-4 days. I started my journey from New Delhi to Bhopal via train in New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi. Train journey takes 4 hours and I booked a cab to my hotel … Continue reading

Moradabad Foodie Weekend


Disclaimer: This article is for foodies. It’s regarding Indian food and has Hindi references. Also, Moradabad is tedious to write every time so I’m going to refer it as MBD. 🙂 October,2012 “Bakra Eid” weekend. This was when I visited Moradabad. Purpose of my visit was to witness my wife’s ancestral property … Continue reading