Mutual Funds India Redemption Options/Process

Mutual Funds Signature Issue

Mutual Funds have been present in Indian Economy for a long time now. Since its introduction, the market has been flooded with fund houses and their funds. On the investor side, we’ve seen an investor hold a portfolio of multiple funds from various fund houses. Hence, there could be several … Continue reading

Are we protected? – The Solution


This article is in continuation of our series on Financial planning. The first article in the series was posted last week explaining the common scenario in Indian families regarding Financial planning. Check it out here. After knowing the problem now, lets move towards the solution. One of Subodh’s friend stepped … Continue reading

Are we protected?


In our Finance Category, We are coming up with a series of articles of various facets of Financial Planning, specially for the kind of family structures we have in India. This is the first article in the series which tells a story of an average Indian family. We’ll keep posting … Continue reading

Chip Pin Credit Cards


It’s been more than 2 decades since credit cards were introduced in India. It has given various card issuers a tough time to call it a stable base in India. However, things have changed in the recent past with the Gen-X choosing plastic as a favored mode of payment. Things … Continue reading

American Express eZeClick Payment


Online shopping using credit card is not a new thing at all. However, with growing pace and increasing number of online transactions, there is a need to revolutionize the entire online payment process varying from entering details to SMS alerts. American Express has taken a step in that direction by introducing … Continue reading

RBI guidelines 2013 – CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Book

RBI has notified all banks to implement standardization and enhancement of security features of cheques. This directive has come in order to migrate to Cheque Truncation System (CTS) 2010 standards by year end i.e. 2012. Currently, we follow the MICR system. This will be replaced by CTS. This system is intended to … Continue reading