About Us

Allzhere is a blog that intends to share anything and everything that can be useful for general public.
The inception goes back to year 2011 when we observed utter chaos in Indian government offices. This was primarily due to lack of information and abundance of middlemen.

Name: Tarun Trehan
What I Do: Software Engineer
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Name: Vikram Batra
What I Do: Software Engineer
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How It Started for us:

Tarun’s version:
After lying lazily for 2 years, I finally headed to a district court in New Delhi to get my marriage registered.
I had very little information about the application process.
There were three main reasons for lack of knowledge:
1. No inputs from married couples without marriage certificate.
2. People could not recall the application process.
3. Most of them hired an agent (middleman) for the registration.
While preparing my application, I was struck with an idea to share the experience and help others with their application.
This lead to publishing the first post on Allzhere describing “Marriage Registration in Delhi”. I wanted to make people aware of the application process and share their views as well.
Later, I posted multiple documents focusing on other experiences at various government offices in India.

Vikram’s version:
For me too, it all started with Marriage Registration (they say it right that Marriage is an eye opener 🙂 . When I asked an agent for marriage certificate, he said he can help me get it for Rs. 5000. The actual Government fees for registration of marriage is only Rs. 100. When I asked Tarun, he pointed me to this blog entry he had written. I followed the procedure and got my marriage registered without help from any agent. It was a great feeling. As I had some experiences from my past blogging experiences, I decided to work with Tarun to take this forward and convert a simple wordpress blog to a dedicated site.

After a few months, we realized that a new blog like ours is getting good visibility on Internet because of serious lack of information on the topics we post. Then, we decided to widen the scope of Allzhere and not be restricted to Indian Govt. process experiences only We started blogging about anything that was worth sharing and had limited information resources on the internet. It’s been more than a year in blogging and we have been able to post on various categories including Travel, Visa, Food, Indian Govt, Technology, Apps, Programming, Finance,etc.

We are also into Android Development and have published a few useful apps on the Google Play store. You can check our developer page here . We will continue posting new apps in future on this page.

Going forward, Allzhere will continue to host posts on various categories which can be of any help to readers.