MCD House Property Tax Survey

Recently, MCD surveyor visited my place and handed over a form to be filled in within a week. 🙂

The form states that MCD is gathering information associated with the UPIC, property, electricity meters and house tax payment history. Sample form here.


Following are some pointers related to filling out the form:

  1. Find previous years house rent receipts. You can also download previous receipts from this site.
  2. Find UPIC(if present)
  3. Take a xerox of the form and fill in rough initially.
  4. Fill the form with details mentioned.
  5. The form given by surveyor mentions contact details. Once the form is filled, call the surveyor and submit.
  6. If the form is not submitted to the surveyor, then nearest MCD property tax office might be the place to submit. I am not sure about this.

We will post updates on this after form submission.


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