Infant Passport Application Process In India

After birth certificate, the passport should be the next document issued in your child’s name. This post describes my experience and process for the same.I applied for my daughter’s passport when she was 10 months old and application place was Gurgaon, Haryana.
Following describes the documentation and application process.

  1. File an online application on the passport seva portal.
  2. The application form and process is same as for other cases and hence you may find a lot of questions to be irrelevant for an infant. Eg: Criminal cases, references.
  3. In my case, the child was born in India and parents had a passport with spouse name mentioned on it.
  4. Having spouse name mentioned is one of the checklists for documents. You can check the complete list of documents as per your case here.
  5. Once the online application is complete, upload the self-attested scanned documents.
  6. Take an appointment and make payment.
  7. PSK assigned to me was Gurgaon, Haryana.
  8. Reach there well in time as parking is a concern.
  9. Note: For senior citizen and infant application, the queue is exempted so you can just talk to guard or PSK personnel and they would assist you. PSK in Gurgaon also has a baby feeding/changing room.
  10. Additional Documents:
    • Passport sized photographs of the infant. Please carry these.
    • Birth certificate correctness verification form. This is an additional form that was given to me at the 1st counter. The form had to be filled there and submitted along with the application.
    • Since the document advisor does not mention this, I have uploaded the form here.
  11. The experience at PSK is very smooth as there are multiple people/staff to guide you.
  12. You can opt for live alerts for an extra fee which is taken in cash at the PSK.
  13. Verification: In my case, there was no police verification and passport was delivered within 5 working days. I am not sure but may be for cases where parents passport have same address as the infant application, there is no verification.



Above steps list my experience and hope it helps you. In case you are looking for birth certificate related posts, there are some listed on our blog. Birth Certificate Application, Birth Certificate Correction


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