MCD : Birth Certificate Correction Process

This post describes the process to get particulars corrected or changed in birth certificate issues by municipal corporation of delhi (MCD). In case you want to refer to birth certificate issuance process; please refer this link.

Though it is rare that correction or change is needed in birth certificate, however there was a small goof up in my case and hence the reason for a post. In my case, the mother’s name was misspelled and middle name not printed on birth certificate. It’s imperative to get the particulars corrected birth certificate is demanded as proof document in most applications.

Following describes the entire process:

  1. Written application to the MCD office. Refer sample here.
  2. Letter on letter head from hospital marking correction. Refer sample here.
  3. Copy of Birth certificate.
  4. Copy of MCD online receipt.
  5. Mother’s documents: Voter Card and Aadhar Card.
  6. Father’s Documents : Voter Card and Aadhar Card.
  7. Self attest copies of all documents.
  8. Carry originals.

Once the documents are in place, plan a visit at the MCD office. Per my residence, i had to visit rajouri garden office. I am describing my experience at rajouri garden office. However, i feel most of the MCD offices would function the same way.

  1. Reached office at 08:30
  2. Go to room no.1 and get the application verified.
  3. Official will stamp the application at room no. 1
  4. Then go to room no. 26.
  5. Submit the application here.
  6. Official will give an acknowledgment no.
  7. Keep the no. for future reference.
  8. Visit the office after 20-30 days and go to room no. 26.
  9. Show the acknowledgment no. to the official and he will ask how many copies need to be printed.
  10. Make payment as per the copies required.
  11. Official will return the print outs.
  12. Get the birth certificate copies stamped at the exit of room no. 26.

That’s it. Simple process. Though, my case was of change in mother’s name; this process is applicable for any correction in the certificate.


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  2. you are telling the process of correction method of birth certificate can you tell where is the office of municipal corporation of delhi (MCD) there have room no.1 and room no 26?

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