Delhi Odd-Even CNG Hologram Sticker Process

1st January 2016 and Delhi will witness history with the first even Odd-Even vehicle day. Most of the people are aware of rules but i will sum of to set context of this post. Basically, to battle air pollution , Delhi Government has proposed a rule that private cars with odd vehicle number plates will ply on odd dates and those with even number plates will ply on even dates. After declaration of this rule, it was announced that CNG vehicles are exempted from this implementation.


However, the CNG car must bear a hologram sticker on the car. This post is my experience on obtaining sticker. As far as i have read in the newspapers and articles; they say that process is very simple:

  1. Ensure that you are running a legal CNG vehicle.
  2. Per my understanding , A legal CNG vehicle would have CNG mentioned on RC and have a valid compliance plate. Read more regarding compliance plate process.
  3. Once the above pointers are satisfied; one can visit the nearest IGL office and ask for hologram sticker.
  4. The official will verify valid RC and the compliance plate.
  5. Paste the sticker on the car as per the IGL officials directives.
  6. Done. You’re good for the Odd-Even rule.

I went to the CNG station near my house and saw a 1 km long line of vehicles trying to obtain sticker. I returned as i did not want to spend hours standing for it. Inquired from one of the official and he said that the sticker issuance hours are from 06:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. However, the guard said that issuance will take place non-stop. I will give another try late night. Further updates then.

Update : 30-Dec-2015 , 07:00 : Finally got the sticker. Reached at 06:30 to find a 200 mts long queue. Will suggest people to visit late night or early morning. The sticker issuance team works 24*7. All the best. 🙂



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