Passport Re-Issue Process Delhi/Gurgaon

Indian Government has streamlined the passport related procedures to a great deal. There is no doubt that processes are seamless and hassle free.

I state that based on my recent experience where I got my passport re-issued prior to expiration date. The feel good factor intensifies when I compare it with my experience when I got passport issued. Yes, the same process that was in place before the Indian government revamped the system.

Indian Passport Re-Issue Process

Indian Passport Re-Issue Process

Moving to the point, here are the steps that are involved if you want to re-issue the passport. The same process can be applied to other services like issue; things like form and documents would change.

  1. Visit the Passport Seva Portal. Click Here.
  2. Create a login if it does not exist. If it exists, the login.
  3. Choose the option for application related to your case. In my case, it was : “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”
  4. This will lead you to the form asking for some criteria related to re-issue case and then a web form that needs to be filled in.
  5. You can save the form as draft before final submit.
  6. After filling the form, you can check the document list required for your case. This can be done by referring to a section which clearly lists the documents required for the application.
  7. You would need to upload the self attested copies of the documents as per the requirement.
  8. Once the documents are uploaded and form submitted; it’s time to take appointment and pay fees (in case of online payment).
  9. I opted for an appointment at Gurgaon. Only reason was that i was getting earliest date here.
  10. Once you take appointment; there will an acknowledgement that will state the appointment details. You would need print out of this on the appointment day.
  11. You will also receive an email day or two before your appointment day. Carry a print out of that as well.
  12. Carry all originals and photocopies. Originals for supporting documents are verified. It is always better to carry extra documents to handle “just in case” condition.
  13. You can reach as per your appointment time; there is no point reaching well before time considering they move as per the time mentioned on appointment letter.
  14. For Gurgaon office, there is no parking space as such but almost everyone parks around the office on open road. I was lucky to find a spot.
  15. Once you enter the PSK, get the documents verified and wait.
  16. Your name will be called and a token number will be issued.
  17. You enter a hall where you can sit and a screen flashes token numbers. When your number is flashed; go to the desk number that is mentioned on screen against your token number. There are many people to guide as well; so don’t panic.
  18. At this desk; your form is scanned and other details like photo, biometric, signature are captured.
  19. You can opt for SMS alert subscription and pay fees here. Although there is a web/mobile app; this subscription has its advantages. Considering the automatic updates that i received (Print, Posted, Dispatch, Delivered) , i thought it was worth opting for the SMS subscription.
  20. Next, you will be asked to go to another counter where verifying officer will verify the application.
  21. If all is well, you will be directed towards the Granting officer.
  22. He will approve file and direct to a counter.
  23. They will keep your file and provide acknowledgement. This will help you track.
  24. In case of re-issue and no address change; there is no police verification.
  25. I received my passport within 10 working days which is pretty awesome and didn’t pay bribe or encountered touts.

That’s it. Simple steps. Awesome experience.


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