Link Voter Card With Aadhar Card

This is a short post on how to link aadhar card with voter card in India. While it is a very simple process with various options available, i am just writing this sentence to increase the length of post. 🙂
If you want to know why the government is taking this initiative, this post is not for you. If you want to know how, then you can continue reading.


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Following are the various options one can opt for linking voter card with aadhar card :

  1. Online Portal : Click Here . The instructions on the page are simple enough. Just search your voter card details and click on “Feed Aadhar No.”. On the next screen, enter details and submit. You will see a confirmation and receive an acknowledgement on the mobile number you provided on screen. I chose this option and worked for me.
  2. Registration Drive : Employees of electoral department are manually collecting the linking information by visiting homes. They collect required information and leave.
  3. SMS Link : Per the announcement, linking can also be done via sending SMS to 166 or 51969. The SMS format is “ECILINK<SPACE>Voter_Id_Number<SPACE>Aadhaar_Number”. I am not sure if this works.
  4. Others : There are some other processes like visiting the local electoral center of calling customer care, i am not sure about those. 

As mentioned earlier, i tried the online portal option and worked for me. To be on a safer side, i do intend to submit the details during the registration drive as well. All the best. 🙂

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