Buying Guide : Pop-Up Toaster

Its been a while since i shopped some home appliance and hence posts under “Buying Guide” section have been missing. However, recently i had to pick a few goodies for home and one of them was “Pop-Up Toaster”. Totally agree that it is very small thing to buy and certainly does not need a great deal of thought and analysis; this post is just listing some basics and a learning from my experience. It is because of the above stated reason that the post will be a very short one.

Here we go with the checklist:

  1. Size: This factor depends on the number of breads you want to toast in parallel. For home use; 2 is number you will be looking at. For other option; consider a bigger size. Since i bought a toaster for home; i will be listing the experience for home use.
  2. Features:
    1. Temp. Control: Most of the models are fitted with digital rider like temp. control to manage multiple heating levels. There are a few models that are traditional and just offer two heating modes i.e. medium or high. Refer picture(below).


      Image 1 : Temp. Control + Eject Button + Cover

    2. Eject Button: Though the toasters are equipped with automatic eject; an emergency eject button is handy.
    3. Defrost Button: Some models have a “defrost option” which sets a very high temperature for toaster. Other models support similar feature with the heater control. Per sales person; you can set the heater to maximum if you want to defrost.
    4. Cleaning Tray: This tray is placed under the toaster and helps in cleaning up the bread crumbs that are dissipated while toasting.


      Cleaning Tray

    5. Cover: An option to have a plastic cover on top. It prevents from entry of dust or insects. Useful. (Refer Image 1)
    6. Clamps: This one was the most technical aspect that was shared by the salesperson. If you’re really particular; then check for the way the toaster’s clamps are placed. Traditionally, there were 2 clamps that would pull the bread down for operation. Nowadays, there are 4 clamps in some models. 2 clamps pull the bread down and 2 grip it from the side. End result is evenly toasted. 🙂 Refer to the pic below.


      Notice : 2 Side Clamps for each bread

    7. Color: Applicable if you have a preference. White is most common though prone to stains.
    8. Price: Check your budget. You should get a good deal within Rs. 2500.
  3. Power Consumption: This may require consideration. Check out another post on electricity conservation.
  4. After Sales Service: Most companies offer a couple of years warranty for pop-up toasters. There are some that offer home service and support and may get preference. However, with local repairs still prevailing in India; this may not be a big concern.

I hope that the above steps will help you shortlist the product for your purchase. All the best. 🙂


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