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Technology is best learnt than taught. Teradata is no exception. Either of the above scenarios require a local installation. It gives you the freedom to learn your way and practice accordingly. In this post, i will describe my experience of installing Teradata on Windows XP (32-Bit) enabled laptop. Agreed that installation on windows will raise a few eyebrows; but i have it for my personal use and that’s where i can do all RnD. So, coming to the installation guide which will be more of screenshots rather than text. I couldn’t make a video along with installation due to system resource crunch. Now please don’t raise eyebrows on windows for slowing down my system. Following describes a basic machine requirement:

  1. Processor : >= 1.5 Ghz.
  2. RAM : 2 GB
  3. OS : Windows XP (32 Bit)
  4. Disk : The one i installed required 4GB.

The teradata version that we will be installing is TD 13. You can visit this link (32 Bit). It will ask you to register prior to accessing download link.


Download Page Post Registration

Once you’ve downloaded the file which would size around 2GB; double click on the file and extract the installer. In the extracted folder, you will see a “Setup.exe” file. Click on the file and the following screen should appear:

TD Installer Screen

TD Installer Screen

From these; install the following components in order:

  1. Teradata Database.
  2. Teradata Express Tools.
  3. Teradata Tools & Utilities.
  4. Teradata BYNET driver(if required).

The system will prompt you to restart often and take time during installation as well. Also, if you have an on access antivirus installed; it will prompt you with warnings. You shall ignore those and add exception during complete installation. Once everything is done including the restart, you would see a desktop icon named “Teradata Service Control“. Double click on this to get the following screen and start TD service.


TD Launcher

The window will state that TD is running. You can then logon using SQL Assistant or any other means. The installer does cool thing of creating DSN for login as well. Refer to the following screenshot:


DSN Created : tduser , tdadmin

That’s it, logon and learn your way through. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Teradata : Windows Install Guide

  1. Hi, It is not mentioned that the link provided to download is valid for 32-bit systems only and not supported for 64-bit versions.

  2. Hi,
    I am running windows 8, so the autorun setup does not allow me to go forward with installation.

    Can you tell me the order in which installation can be done manually from extract folders, below are the folders I see:


    • Hi,

      I have not tried installer on windows 8. You can try posting on Teradata forum. They might have some info.

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