India : House Renting Guide

In today’s world, a lot of people live away from their permanent homes and rent a house in their work cities. Often, after we shift to the new place, we come across situations that make us think whether the decision to rent this house was the right one. In this post, we are going to highlight some points that you should keep in mind before you go house hunting for rent purposes.


India : House Renting Guide


It is basically a checklist you should keep in handy while checking a place. There have been several contributions from various people to get this list in its current state. There is still scope of enhancement and please feel free to add :). Also, the order of checklist or preference may vary as per individual needs.

Check Order Category Description
1 Owner/Landlord Feedback Talk to people in the nearby locality for owner’s feedback.
2 Owner/Landlord Feedback Check the feedback and other details on internet.
3 Owner/Landlord Feedback A quick chat with the neighbors/previous tenants might give you an idea about their hospitable or otherwise nature
4 Legals Ask about the landlord’s willingness to provide rent receipt.
5 Legals Ask about landlord’s willingness to share PAN details. Per tax norms in India; tenant is required to enclose PAN copy if paid rent is above a certain amount.
6 Legals How much rent will be increased after one year? Some landlord increase it by 5% ,others 10%.
7 Legals Whether there is any separate electricity sub meter for your floor?
8 Legals In case there is no sub meter : How much Landlord will charge for per unit of electricity you consume. Many landlords ask for more than the actual unit cost.
9 Necessity Check for the availability of house maids in the locality
10 Lifestyle Many landlords prefer vegetarian tenants and many tenants prefer vegetarian landlords. Hence good to ask it in prior.
11 Proximity to Work Consider distance from the workplace and mode of transport available
12 Proximity to Miscellaneous Distance from nearest market, hospital and other important places.
13 Night Visit Visit the house at night-time also to check for parking status and street light availability. Also check for night watchmen availability.
14 Necessity Water Supply . Water quality : Hard/Soft
15 Necessity Power supply / backup. If there is an issue, then check if backup inverter wiring is present or not.
16 Necessity Availability of vendors providing Broadband/ WiFi/DTH TV and other required facilities.
17 Lifestyle Mobile Network. Check for your connection.
18 Lifestyle Parking space check (if applicable)
19 Setup If you need an AC, check out if AC fitting is available or not. If not, ask the owner if he’ll allow some construction work to set it up.
20 Necessity Check for Cooking gas availability. If piped gas is available, check if the rent history is clean. If piped gas is not available, check on how to get a gas cylinder. Please see the following link for more details.
21 Necessity Space for Washing Machine , Inverter , etc.
22 Necessity Water Supply in balcony. There are setups where there is no water connection in balconies and could lead to inconvenience. Eg. Plants/Washing.
23 Necessity Geysors in 2 bathrooms (at least)
24 Necessity Curtain rods
25 Lifestyle Side of Sunrise and Sunset. Worth Considering for :
1. Drying Clothes.
2. In-Room Temp.
3. Natural Light in house.
26 Kids-Safety If you have kids at home and you’re renting any floor above ground, check out the railing in the balcony for kids safety.
27 Lifestyle Check for air ventilation if you consider it as a requirement for you.
28 Necessity Check all the plug points/fans/tube lights/lamps
29 Necessity Check the condition of the sanitary ware. (very important!)
30 Necessity If possible, visit the house once when it’s raining. This might help you check if any water leaks into any room through doors/windows/ventilators
31 Necessity check if area is low-lying causing water-logging in rainy season
32 Necessity Confirm with the landlord if the pest control has been done before the house is handed over to you!
33 Necessity Check for any bed bugs if you’re going for a furnished apartment
34 Necessity Check all the electrical appliances, again if it’s a furnished apartment that you’re going for
35 Lifestyle Availability of Gym and other facilities for recreation..
36 Necessity Check for open drains around the ares.
It could get bad during rains.
Also, the chemical evaporated from the drains effect air conditioners.
37 For The Party People or Workaholics !!! Check out if the owner has any restrictions like Door closing time at night, party restrictions.
38 Legals Check the tenancy agreement carefully.
39 Legals Check all meter readings (electricity/ water/ gas/ others) before moving in.
40 Legals Check what all is included in the rent amount? Also check for the deposit amount.
41 Lifestyle Check if there are any mosques/temples very near to the house. They might cause an issue with their high volume calls to the Lord. No offence to anyone; just highlighting in case this could affect someone in a considerable manner.

Please feel free to suggest any changes/addition. We will enhance the list.


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