Permanent Driving License Application Process in Delhi

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As the name suggests, this post is about permanent driving license application process in Delhi. However, this is very different and unique one. It is the 1st ever post on Allzhere that has been contributed by one of our readers/visitors. Kapil Patil, one of the visitors at Allzhere decided to write a post after going through an application process for 2 days, a process that could have easily been completed within a day. We sincerely thank Kapil for sharing his experience and putting this together; only to help others with the process and save time and energy.


Here It Goes:

Recently, I visited the Sheikh Sarai authority (RTO) in Delhi to get my permanent driving license issued. It was a terrible experience. Since, I did not have any prior idea about the situation at the Sheikh Sarai Authority, I could not complete my procedure the same day and had to visit again on the next day. Though this post describes the process for Sheikh Sarai RTO, I am hoping that the process to be the same in other RTOs as well. Following details a step by step guide of application process:

  1. You must apply for permanent license after 1 month and no later than 6 months from the date of issue on learner’s license. In case you fail to do so, you will have to apply for learner’s license again.
  2. Take the online appointment from this link and pay the fee online. You can avoid the long queue at the fee counter if you pay online.
  3. Download form 4 from here and fill it. Note: Be careful about the address that you would like to have on your driving license (Mention the same address which you have on your learning license).
  4. Paste your latest passport size photograph on page 1 of Form 4. It is not mentioned on the form but it is required. (After standing in the queue for at least 2 hours, I was asked to paste the photograph. I had to stand again in the same queue which took another hour to clear).
  5. Along with form 4, you need to enclose the following:
    1. Original Learning License.
    2. An attested(Notary) copy of bike/car insurance.
    3. An attested(Notary) copy of RC.
    4. Please carry all originals and ID and address proofs. You should be prepared for any surprises.
  6. Go to Counter No. 9 at the sheikh sarai authority and get all your data entered in the computer.
  7. Go to Counter No. 7. This is the longest queue to clear. There are at least 200-300 people standing in queue at Counter 7 everyday. Many applicants can’t even make it on the same day. To get your turn on the same day, stand in queue after completing data entry at counter 9.
  8. Note: The authority opens at 8.30, so be there in time. Many people arrive there as early as 8.00 AM in the morning.
  9. Driving Test: After entering your name in the register at counter 7, take your bike/car to the nearby “Press enclave Marg (towards Saket)” for testing process. You will notice several cars and bikes parked on the left side of the press enclave marg and applicants awaiting their turn for the driving test.
  10. On your turn, give your application to the RTO inspector. He will go quickly through your documents and ask to get your bike for test. Your bike/car must have “L” (learner) sign on the front and rear side. The inspector will fail you, if there is no “L” sign on your bike/car. In case you don’t have “L” sign on your bike, you can go the nearby market and buy red color tape to make “L” sign on your bike/car.
  11. The RTO inspector will ask you to take a test after seeing your vehicle. The test is simple. You have to drive between the two signals on the press enclave marg amidst the traffic. Drive till the nearest red light on the press enclave marg; take a U-turn at the red light; drive in opposite direction till another red light; take a u-turn again and then return to the inspector. The press enclave marg sometimes may have heavy traffic even on a routine day. So, be careful while merging with the traffic and taking U-turn at both the red lights.


    Driving Test Map

  12. The RTO inspector will put a remark (pass/fail) on your application and will pass it over to his assistant. If passed, the assistant will collect your application and you go home, or come back next day again and do the entire process all over again, if failed.
  13. That’s it. If passed, you will receive your smart card within a week by post.
  14. I received my smart card in just 4 days by speed post.

All the best for your application process.
Request you to please share your feedback. It will help others.
Kapil, thanks again for sharing this information. Appreciate it.

Click here to view this post in Hindi


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16 thoughts on “Permanent Driving License Application Process in Delhi

  1. thanks a lot for sharing your experience……one more question is that I opted two options- LMV and motor with gear…

    how can I bring two vehicles at the same time….

  2. Wow man! Superhelpful! You are doing such a yeomans service! I had a similar harrowing experience at Sheikh Sarai but managed to scrape out my license in one day! Now, I have to go there to get the permanent license done and am already dreading it. Just one question: Do you think the Inspector would disqualify me if I went there with a Yamaha 135 which bellows out quite a bit of smoke and wouldn’t clear the most lenient of PUCS?

    • Hi Akshay,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I am afraid that i am not aware of the qualifying criteria in the case of your bike.
      In my opinion, they may raise a concern which looks genuine to me.
      All the best.

      • so after we pass the LL test , the official told me to come 1 to 6 month for PL , doest this mean i have enrol online again ? Please walk me through the detail process . thanks

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  4. Hi folks I took a DL test today itself , the point no 12 of above article is correct. Do remember to put a L in red in front and back of your car/bike to avoid failing the test. Also if you previously held a DL do mention it in the form 4 ,L symbol is not mandatory for people who earlier held a DL.

  5. Firstly, let me thank Kapil for the very, very useful information above. It helped me to get my licence within just 2 hours and that too without any agent/tout.

    A few learnings from my experience:
    – The online fee payment is not much use as you still have to stand in queue at counter no.2 to get a manual receipt against the online one!!!
    – If you’re a female the work will be faster coz the queue is smaller- no other reason. But they are organised enough to entertain one female application after 4 male applications.
    – Please take the driving test seriously. It’s a simple test as mentioned in the post but the inspector is vigilant about the traffic rules.

    The rest of the process is exactly as mentioned in the post

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