Thailand : Transfers Between Suvarnabhumi And Don Muang Airport

Bangkok hosts two international airports for tourists travelling from and to Bangkok, Thailand.
These are :

The arrival airport depends on the airline you choose. There are some international arilines that operate at Suvarnabhumi airport only. Hence, in case you are looking for a domestic flight to phuket/krabi/samui/etc; you may have to reach Don Muang airport. The reason for above transfer is that domestic flights might be operating from Don Muang. This is exactly what this post is about; transfer options between 2 airports in bangkok. Following lists the the options and details associated with it:

  1. Private Cab : Public taxis are available all times from both airports. Charges vary between 300-400 Thai Baht. I had a word with one of the cabdriver and he said an additional charge of 54 thai baht will be levied on the meter amount. He mentioned it as some service tax. 🙂
  2. You can pre-book a cab on the website as well. Google some resources for leads on this.
  3. Shared Cabs : You can try to hook up with other passengers for sharing a cab. This is try at own risk basis.
  4. Shuttle Bus :  Shuttle buses operate between the 2 airports. The schedule image is pasted below. There are no charges for this service. However, only passengers who have booked flights from the destined airport can use the service. The staff checks your ticket and passport before you can avail the srevice. This option is extremely convenient and quick as well. Travel time between the 2 airports is 40-50 minutes irrespective of the time of day you are travelling. This is because the airports are connected by expressway roads. Hence, the factor of traffic slowling you down does not stand. In case you are arriving at a time when the shuttle bus service is not available; you can wait at the Suvarnabhumi airport till the first service starts. These buses depart from Gate 3 outside the arrivals hall in Suvarnabhumi airport and outside the arrivals hall in Don Muang airport.

Bangkok Airport : Shuttle Service Schedule

I have tried the 4th option listed above i.e Shuttle Bus and will recommend it. It is convenient,fast and free.


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