Foodie Bite : Bansi Chholey Bhathurey

Chholey Bhathurey is a highly preferred breakfast option in northern part of india. There are families who do not prepare breakfast on a Sunday to actually feast on chholey bhaturey. Such is the popularity and craze people have for it. The Sunday in winters becomes blissful when your’re standing outside a food joint and a gust of chilly wind passes through your ears leaving it red; and then you bite hot served chholey bhathurey :). There are three things popular with chholey bhathurey lovers:

  1. They will travel any distance to have a bite. 🙂
  2. They will get decide after 1st bite if it matched their standards or not.
  3. Lastly, they will out rightly comment out loud that it taste’s pathetic even if it missed their standard by a negligible margin.

This post is related to my finding of a food place specializing in chholey bhathurey.


Bansi Chholey Bhathurey

Bansi Corner is a shop located in Janakpuri area of west delhi. The place earns respect that very moment when you see just one food item listed in the menu. Clearly states the speciality of place and confidence to survive selling just one item. The menu starts with Cholley Bhathurey and ends there.


Single Item Menu

It is not a typical food joint serving chholey bhathurey like other shops in Delhi. These are perfectly boiled chholey with all spices mixed well so granules do not irritate while chewing (especially anaarrdaana). Chholey is mildly spiced and even a kid can cherish it. The selling point for chholley is its preparation without onion and garlic. Neither are the bhathuraas oily nor are they flooded with paneer(cheese) unlike other places. Try the green chilly for balancing the spices.

The place is not overcrowded at all. You can visit anytime to find a place to eat.
It is certainly worth trying and amongst the best places i have had chholey bhathurey. 🙂



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