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This post describes our experience on the refrigerator buying process. I am not going to list the importance and reasons for buying a refrigerator. Allzhere’s buying guides focuses on action. So here’s a description of various steps and considerations involved while buying a refrigerator for domestic usage.

Choosing a refrigerator

Choosing a refrigerator

  1. Size: The first, foremost and most critical factor is what sized refrigerator should i purchase. You would normally see 2 specifications on refrigerators. These are “Overall Capacity” and “Storage Capacity” (in litres). Mostly, you will be advised to decide the capacity as per “Storage Capacity” factor. This may not be true always. The reason being innovative and smart storage options available in different brands and models. Eg: Some refrigerators offer horizontal bottle holders above the regular bottle holders. This means that you store 4-5 bottles in a row and 1 perpendicular to it horizontally. Hence, inspect every model carefully before deciding the capacity you’re gonna buy.
  2. Place Holder: This pointer is related to #1. Whatever size you finalize; make sure it fits well in the designated space in your home. Ensure reasonable distance from all 4 sides for ventilation and heat dissipation as refrigerators are running 24*7*365. Make sure you have sufficient room to pull out the refrigerator easily in order to clean the area.
  3. Food Habits: This is another factor that can help you nail the size question. You must take a note of all items that you store in a refrigerator. Noting down will certainly be helpful.
  4. Simulate Storage: On your dining table; make a boundary of the length and breadth of refrigerator you’re planning to buy. Place your stuff and check height as well. This will give you an indication of how well things will be placed in your refrigerator. Ensure sufficient spaces between different products for efficient cooling.
  5. Door Type: There are 1/2/3/4 door options with dedicated sections. Double doors(side-side) are also available; but with very high capacity. However, 2 door is the most common within domestic customers base and will be the focus of post. With 2 doors, there are options for top versus bottom freezer. Each one has its pros and cons. With top freezer being difficult for kids to reach and easy for youngsters to pull a beer, bottom one ensures that elderly can access the main section without bending their back. This option should be decided as per your scenario. Fun fact; if you choose a top freezer option; then chocolates/ice-creams are mostly out of reach for kids. Prevent those cavities here 🙂


    Door Types

  6. Features: This pointer is related to some regular and advanced features that could be both basic and good to have. These include:
    1. Frost Free: Mostly with all models; nowadays.
    2. Lighting : How well is the model lit.
    3. Indicators: If the model has specific LED indicators; make sure they are justified and catchy enough to be observed.
    4. Cooling : There are some smart cooling technologies. I am not an expert here as different companies claim their technology to be best; for me its a marketing strategy. Basic cooling has always been sufficient for domestic consumers.
    5. Noise: Make sure the compressor is not too noisy during operation and cut-off.
    6. Paint Work: The paint work of model must be sturdy.
    7. Rat Covers: This is a must check as it can prove deadly if not taken care of. Usually required at the bottom of back side.
    8. Shelves Material: Hardened plastic/glass have taken over the traditional grills. But grills are certainly more durable and resistant to scratches unlike the plastic/glass.
    9. Door Close: At times, when you close the lower door of a refrigerator; the upper section opens up due to air flow/pressure. This should not happen. Hence, check the model carefully.
  7. Compressor: Widely used are reciprocating ones. Nowadays, Inverter Compressors are the norm with most models. They have higher efficiency and offer more energy savings when compared to traditional ones.
  8. Power Consumption/Energy Saving: Personally, i always prefer a high energy star savings option considering the running cycles of refrigerators. If your bill rate is based on slabs; then this becomes more critical as electricity unit price in higher slabs is pinch on the monthly bill. Follow this link for more details on “Energy Savings“.
  9. After Sales Service: Consider this option as per your residential area/locality. You can consider buying an AMC as well. Note: AMC rates are cheaper at time of purchase.
  10. Company: Once you follow the above steps; company can be easily short listed. I will not favor any particular here.

All the best and please share your feedback.


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