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Lately, we have been seeing a sharp increase in Crime Against Women. These crimes include Eve teasing, Molestation, Rape, Kidnap, Attack and various other heinous crimes too. This is a sincere effort from us to do our bit to ensure safety for woman. Help Me is an Android application programmed to help you reach out to your loved ones in case of emergency in the most convenient manner possible.

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There are other apps in the Google Play Store which provide some features to send SMS to your selected contacts in case of emergency, But, Help Me is feature packed with some really important non-existing features in addition to the existing ones. This will be your must have app once installed. Read on for more details.

Checkout the YouTube video of the app to get an idea of how it all works.


Screenshot_2013-08-27-14-15-02The app contains a Big RED ‘Help’ button which needs to be Long pressed (for about 1 sec) to INITIATE EMERGENCY. On doing this, the app sends SMS/ Emails to predefined Emergency Contacts with your current GPS location and link to Google Maps. Emergency Initiated.

Once you Initiate Emergency, the Red button Turns Green saying ‘Emergency Initiated’ and the application is closed automatically. This is done to make sure no one except you knows about the application. After this, your Emergency contacts can track you in multiple ways based on your predefined settings.



1. LOCATION TRACKING VIA SMS: To get your updated location at any time, your contacts can send an SMS to your device with text HELPME_LOCATE and the app will send an SMS with your updated location to them.

Screenshot_2013-08-27-14-17-112. SEND LOCATION ON RESTART : God forbid, if you are abducted and the criminal takes hold of your device and Switches it off, your device will send as SMS/ Email to your emergency contacts as soon as it is restarted. This SMS will be sent even if the SIM card of the device is changed. Moreover, this SMS will not be saved in the Sent Messages of the device making it absolutely Hidden.

3. AUDIO RECORDING: If your emergency contacts send an SMS with text HELPME_AUDIO <VALID EMAIL ID> (for ex HELPME_AUDIO, the app will record a 20 second audio from your device and send it to the specified email id. Again, this will be a hidden process and does not require an action from your end. This feature needs data network of your device to be active. Also, there are times when the Device MIC is being used/ acquired by other applications installed. In such cases, the audio will not be recorded.

Other Important Features:

1. ‘Enable silent mode in Emergency’: If enabled, your phone will turn to Vibrator mode as soon as you initiate emergency. This is important because as soon as your contacts receive an SMS saying you’r in emergency, they’ll tend to call you back. if your device is in Ringer mode, this can alarm the criminal.

Screenshot_2013-06-27-17-59-212. If you are in Emergency but have got Enough time to provide details, Click the ‘+’ button in the top bar and you can enter details about your situation. You can provide your exact location details (useful if GPS is not On). You can also click a picture of your surroundings using the camera icon at the top. All this information will be delivered to your emergency contacts through an Email.

3. While Emergency is in Progress, your Notification bar is shown a dummy notification saying ‘Music is ON’ to remind you that you need to stop the emergency once its Over.

4. Your Emergency Contacts will only be able to track you when the Emergency is ON. As soon as you stop the emergency, you can not be tracked. This protects your privacy and only makes you trackable when you want.

5. The main page shows the status of GPS and Mobile data/ Wifi of your device. You can even change these settings by clicking the status buttons.


When you install the application, you need to perform a one time setup. This includes providing some details, adding emergency contacts and setting up personalized options.

1. Info: You need to provide your Full Name and Email id on this page. These will be used to send out SMS and Emails to your emergency Contacts. Due to system restrictions, we can not send an email from user’s email id from our app without opening Android Email application (not a good idea as it requires user intervention). Also, we understand that you will not be comfortable sharing your email password with us. So, we have set up a new Gmail id ( specifically for this application. All emergency emails will be sent by this email id.

2. Emergency Contacts: You can add a maximum of 5 Emergency Contacts. It will be good if you choose contacts with email ids added in the primary account. If you can add number of your local police authority, they will get the message when you raise Emergency. Once every month, you will receive a notification to verify your Emergency Contacts.

3. Settings: This page provides options to personalize the application:

  • Setup a default Emergency Message. This message will be sent with the SMS to your emergency contacts.
  • Password: Password is necessary to make sure only you can perform some operations. For ex, After the Emergency situation is Over, you need to come back to the application and Long press the GREEN Button to stop the Emergency. This would require the password. This is done to make sure only you can stop the Emergency you Initiated.
  • Send Location on Restart: If enabled, sms/ emails will be sent to your emergency contacts whenever your phone is restarted.(Explained above)
  • Audio tracking via Email: If enabled, your emergency contacts can fetch a 20 sec audio recording from your phone by sending you a specified SMS as explained above.

Note: The above tracking options only work while Emergency is Initiated by you. If none of these options are enabled, your emergency contacts will not be able to track you in any ways.

  • Enable Silent mode in Emergency: If enabled, your phone will switch to vibrator mode as soon as emergency is initiated.

To enable the application track your location, enable location tracking in your device settings. Go to Settings -> Location and enable location tracking via Wireless networks and GPS.

We welcome your feedback. Please mail for any issues/ suggestions and refrain from giving negative ratings before sending mail. Lets make it a collective effort to make it better.

Note: This app has been build with positive spirit. However, its is a Software product and does not guarantee to work under all circumstances. Neither the Application nor the Author takes any responsibility if the application/ features fail during any circumstances.


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