Yamuna Expressway : Wonder Path To One Of The 7 Wonders

Yamuna Expressway also known as Taj Expressway, is a 6-lane (actually 8 lanes),  highway connecting Greater Noida to Agra. It is India’s longest 6 lane highway. I traveled to Agra recently and was excited to do a full stretch on expressway. Last time i touched base was during the historic inaugural Indian Grand Prix. The expressway had made a mark then and it did the same this time. The distance from Greater Noida to Agra is 165 Kms and usually covered in 2 hours. Travel time is never effected because of rains as there is no slowing down; thanks to the quality of expressway. There are stoppages at each toll plaza. The places do not serve great food but worth stopping for a tea/coffee.  Once you pick up speed, you really feel like there was a cruise control in the car. Driving without applying brakes for long distances would be a easy bet here. Such is the infrastructure of the expressway which makes it an expressway in every sense.


However, there are a few pointers that i would like to share based on my experience. There have been cases of Tyre burst on the expressway. This can occur when a driver is clocking constant high speeds(110-130 Km/Hr) without knowing the behavior of their tyres. This should be avoided and one must not fancy his/her chances. Also, ensure optimum tyre pressure is obtained before hitting the expressway. I was travelling during rainy season and there were some water patches. I tried to cool down the tyres by driving over these wherever possible :). I learnt this while watching a formula 1 race and brought a smile to my face when i applied it driving a Wagon R 🙂 🙂 . However, i think the trick is worth consideration.

Another safety tip is to remain focused and stay firm at wheel. The completely tension free drive can get one into calm mood. But you should never keep a loose hand at steering. At the speed that you’re driving and with the smooth power steering installed nowadays; the car can go out of control the moment something snaps. So, drive safe to enjoy the ride.


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