Damaged/Duplicate Driving Licence Re-Issue Process

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This is a post that describes application process to re-issue a driving licence in India. The reason for a re-issue can be a damaged licence. At times, issued licence can get damaged i.e. the photograph or content fades over a period of time. This may also be required if the licence smart card gets broken. The above scenarios do not fall under a lost driving licence and hence have a separate application process.


Blurred Driving Licence

The process is relatively simple and standardized. Following is the document list:

  1. Form L.L.D – Filled. Download forms from this link.
  2. Form 1 – Filled with attached photograph. This is for private vehicles.
  3. Form 1 & Form 1 A – Filled with attached photograph, if it’s a commercial vehicle.
  4. Address Proof (Copy) : Passport , LIC , Voter Card.
  5. Age Proof (Copy) : Class X certificate , Birth Certificate.
  6. Carry all originals.
  7. They didn’t ask for attested copies; but you can carry it or get it attested at R.T.O itself.

Following steps list the process to be followed after your application is complete. This is with respect to Janakpuri R.T.O. The process should be same for other R.TO.; only the room numbers might differ. Note: You must visit the R.T.O from where you got your licence issued.

  1. Submit Documents : Room No. 11 A. The application is verified here.
  2. DL Record verification : The DL is verified as per record. Room No. 17.
  3. Fees : Submit fees at room no. 11. For e-payment , visit counter no. 15 in room no. 17.
  4. Data Verification : The data entered in application is loaded and verified. Counter no. 1 , Room No. 17.
  5. Bio-metric Registration : Counter No. 2 , Room No. 17
  6. Receive the receipt. This receipt can be used as a temporary licence.
  7. You should receive the DL by post within 14 days at the specified residence address.
  8. Note: Reach around 8 AM to avoid rush. The offices open at 08:30 AM. If you reach before time, you could be done with the process by 09:30 AM.
  9. There is an online appointment system as well but I am not aware of the process as I applied via manual application. You can visit http://www.dimts.in/ for more details.

Click here to read this post in Hindi


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27 thoughts on “Damaged/Duplicate Driving Licence Re-Issue Process

  1. is it not possible to get it done without the applicants physical presence ? Coz I’m in UAE now and the license is totally damaged, I cant travel to Delhi just for this reason. Any alternates ??

      • Thanks mate for your prompt advise. Yet, as their previous records possess my Biometric details why would they need to extract again ? is that the reason to ensure that only the right person is given with the duplicate copy and not some one misusing it ??

        • Hi,

          I do not know the reason behind their process.
          But it is required that a person visits in person to go through the process again.
          All the best.

  2. Cant we get the license hand to hand or next day. As I would be in delhi for 5 days only and I need to get a duplicate license as I had lost it. Also my address is changed so no one can receive it at the mentioned address. Please suggest any solution.

    Thanks in advance


    • Amit,
      It takes a maximum of 2 weeks to receive it. You may be lucky to receive it within 5 days.
      Address will be dispatched at the details mentioned in the application form and the supporting documents.
      So you will receive it there only.
      All the best…

    • Hi Vinod,

      The process should be fairly simple.
      Though, i do not have hands one experience on that.
      But i think it starts with FIR,etc.
      All the best. 🙂

  3. Hi, my license is broken and I need a replacement. My question is that the original license was issued in Kolkata but is there any process where I can apply for the duplicate in Bangalore?

    • Hi,
      I am not sure of the entire process but I think most of it is mentioned in this post.
      One additional mandatory thing is the FIR for lost licence…
      All the best.

  4. I have paper driving license issued in 1994, Delhi and is to expire this month.

    On visiting the RTO i was advised to get a new license issued with the complete process of first getting a learner license and then for a permanent.
    Is this the process?
    I have been driving for last 20 yrs and now for renewal I have to take a learning license?

    • Not sure of this, but if the officials there are suggesting the above mentioned procedure in your comment, then that should be it.
      All the best. Please share your experience on this. It will help others.

    • Hi Prem,

      I think , re-application for damaged licence as per post should be good.
      You can mention the new address and provide supporting docs in the same application.
      All the best.

  5. Hi, Can anyone help me,
    I have the original driving licence with me but the photograph is some how unrecognisable and need a duplicate one in delhi, here for 2 weeks.

    and also need the international driving licence as well.

    It would be great if somebody could guide me.


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    • Hi Dipankar,

      My guess is yes. But, further sure shot suggestion. Take more documents in fact all.
      You never know what can be asked and you should be ready. I always carry all documents to ensure i have to make only one visit. 🙂
      All the best.

  7. Hi ,
    Is it possible to replace the licence without presence. I am converting the licence in Singapore but i can not scan. Please can anyone guide me. Because i am not able to go India.

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