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In April, 2013 we went to spend a weekend in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It’s been 4 years since I left the city for good but there’s still a lot that attracts me to the place. The very thought of being there is nostalgic. I can say a lot on this topic but the agenda of this post is different.

5th April 2013, we board Rajdhani Express for our journey from Delhi Cantt station to Ahmedabad Junction. We were just done with dinner when our tickets got checked and we met Mr. J.P Mishra, Deputy TS, Indian Railways. We noticed him when he was trying to help a lady in her 60s. The lady was suffering from severe back-ache. Mr. Mishra was giving her an acupressure treatment. The lady felt good and relaxed after 5 minutes. The pain seemed to have lessened. 10 minutes on, there was a huge crowd surrounding Mr. Mishra asking for his time to diagnose them as well.

Mr J.P. Mishra

Mr J.P. Mishra

We realized that Mr. Mishra was no ordinary person and decided to enquire further. Luckily, we were able to set up a meeting with him. During our talk with Mr Mishra, he told us that he had experienced a severe body pain 10 years back which had left him in bad state. Once he got better, he read about the subject and did some extensive study. Post that he applied the same principles to cure himself. As Mr. Mishra grew in confidence, he started curing other people as well. He told us that severe body pains that can’t be treated with latest technologies and surgery can be treated by pressing the specific points on the palm, nails, fingers etc. Serious pains like survical, migraine, back pain, L4, L5 category pains and even slip disk can be treated with simple acupressure technique. All this within a few minutes.


We collected a few videos/ testimonials of his work from him.

All the videos are published on Allzhere YouTube page here.

He claimed to have treated more than 60, 000 people in last 10 years including Doctors, surgeons etc. Check the out videos for some of his testimonials he provided. Mr. Mishra provides this treatment for FREE in Trains and at his home. His contact details are:

Mr J.P. Mishra,
A-4, Devganga Bunglows, Chandkhera, Behind Janta Nagar, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91- 9426594657


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