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Is this post about Gol Gappa? Yes, it is. Is this post only about Gol Gappa?? Nope, it isn’t.
It’s about an ordinary Indian snack made extra ordinarily. Though I wanted to highlight my experience about these really amazing Gol Gappas, I shall begin with what it is. If you’re an Indian and do not know about it; what can I say, It’s ok. 🙂 🙂

Gol Gappa (referred as GGs in this post) is a fried bucket made of wheat/coarse-wheat flour served with boiled potatoes and spicy tamarind water. For my Indian fellows, please ignore the above definition. Gol Gappa boley toh; kadak puri + aaloo + chanaa + thandaa imlee paanee.

It’s lined up in favorite Indian street snacks and extremely popular with kids. A nice quick-on-the-go bite for evening. You will come across very few Indians who will say no to GGs and I am no exception. The only difference is that now I say “No” to ordinarily prepared GGs. GGs have been my evening snack since childhood and I always thought that there were two types of puris i.e.  aata(wheat flour) & sooji (coarse wheat flour); but then I tasted the third kind. So, this came from the famous bollywood movie RDB; but I thought it fits well here.



Satya Prakash(SP) puts up a street food counter in Janakpuri B-1 Block market, New Delhi. Though he serves a typical chaat menu; but GGs steal the show. So, I am going to define the GGs in a check list fashion. If you’re a Sheldon Cooper fan in Big Bang Theory; you can relate to it 🙂 :

  1. Prepared fresh ?? —- Check !!!
  2. Chilled water ?? —– Check !!!
  3. Water spiced to perfection ?? —– Check !!!
  4. Tamarind flavor in water not too strong ?? —- Check !!!
  5. Purees stuffing not too much and not too less ?? —- Check !!!

The above mentioned traits can be found in other GGs counter in India. What is so special about these? Here comes the innovation and the third kind of purees. Satya Prakash prepares a special kind of purees made of Moong Daal. They are crisply and rule over the traditional types as they are never soggy or too hard to bite. Further, these are not deep fried and hence healthier. The best part is the bursting effect it gives when you bite it. The entire pureee breaks up uniformly and feels like an explosion inside your mouth. The effect is smashing. Simply amazing. The chilled water adds up to the fun.Its worth a try and will make you visit again.

Moong Daal Gol Gappa

Moong Daal Gol Gappa

There are certainly some other places where you can find similar GGs. I give SP the credit for innovation as i tasted these here. But whosoever came up with this idea; did an amazing job.


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