Ambala Foodie Weekend

Ambala, mostly occurs in conversations as a landmark for your trip to Chandigarh, a diversion towards Amritsar and the famous Puran Singh Dhaba. However, there is much more that was associated with this place and will always be. I’ve spent a lot of time in Ambala and recently realized that it can be an awesome option for a foodie weekend. Here we are, with Ambala Foodie Weekend.

It can be any Friday, when you can opt to spend a weekend in Ambala. You can drive, take a bus or train. An Indian Air Force MIG is an option as well :). Kidding. Just a few travelers’ tips; prefer winters as there could be a lot of power cuts during summer. Secondly, there aren’t many reasonable options for hotels in Ambala. There are some budget hotels and expecting a swanky one is too much. Better find a dear one who has residential property and crash there. 🙂

So, you’re there and its Friday night dinner time. Head straight to Batra Palace and enjoy some drinks if you want to. Dinner; opt for killer “Chicken Tikka Butter Masala”. You will not ask for more. Vegetarians, order Dal and Paneer. It’s good. 🙂

Next morning, “Kishori Laal’s Bedmi Aloo” is the option. Make sure you reach the place before 09:30 as stuff gets sold out pretty quickly. I will suggest an early breakfast as your lunch stoppage is at Puran Singh and there is nothing that can hold back a non-vegetarian over there. The one recognized by HOMP is what we find genuine. Another easy way to recognize is to follow people stepping out of Merc & BMV. They are the supposed to be the oldest customers of original Puran Singh. Though the menu has been enhanced; still three items which are Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry & Keema Kaleji rule. Hog on that. Note: Puran Singh shuts down at 16:00. So, you must reach there on time to enjoy your food.

Take a nap before some evening street food in Sadar Bazaar. There are plenty of options here starting with Pachranga Gol Gappa’s to Pehelwaan Samosas to Lovely’s snack bar. Pehelwaan’s samosas are truly unique with taste and ingredients. It’s a very simply made snack but smashing. Worth it. Don’t skip the fruit beer at Lovely’s snack bar. The effort he puts in to prepare it clearly shows.


Pehelwaan Samosa

Next, you need to prepare for an early dinner and the reason is common with other places. The stuff gets sold out very early. Head to “Mohan Murgey Waala”. He serves some unique Non-Vegetarian dishes including the deep-fried kebabs, roasted and tawaa chicken. Again,Smashing; it is.There is an ice-cream parlor near Mohan Murgey Waala by the name of KakooZee. You can try it. Something different but not unique.

Sunday morning, and get ready for a heavy breakfast that will make you skip your lunch. It’s Om Ji’s Chholey Bhathurey. Simply superb breakfast. This place has got something special that makes the choley taste very different. To help you digest this; you should head to a Gupta ji’s Pan shop opposite Nigar cinema. Uncle serves specially prepared masala lemonade. It is extremely refreshing.

2012-07-06 17.10.21

Masala Lemonade (Nimbhu Paani)

For evening, head to Sadar Chowk. Ask for sandwich-coffee shop. This shop(un-named) serves cheese sandwich and coffee. A simple combination turned unique. If you’re staying back for dinner; re-consider Mohan Murgey Waala or Batra Palace. 🙂 Also, there is a famous Sawhney Mathee-Baloo Shahee shop in Sadar. Pick up something for you and family.

That’s it for a foodie weekend at Ambala.


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