Buying Guide : Air Conditioner

Here comes another post on buying guide and it’s a season demanding “Air Conditioner”. I’ve recently bought one for myself. Just as are previous posts; this one will also focus on basics.
Why do you need an air conditioner? I am not going to waste space and your time explaining this.


Following are the factors that one should consider before buying an Air Conditioner (Split/Window):

  1. Window Vs Split
    1. Split AC is better when it comes to cooling efficiency.
    2. Split AC is less noisy as the unit is installed outside your room.
    3. Window AC is less expensive and easy to install and maintain.
    4. The regular service and gas fill is more expensive for split AC.
    5. Leakage Issue: In case of a Split AC; I have observed that water tips from the air unit during high humidity. This is caused as droplets are formed right on the face of blower.
  2. Capacity:
    1. Decide as per your room size.
    2. 1 Ton AC is suitable for 8’ * 10’ rooms and 1.5 Ton is suitable for 12’ * 15’ room.
    3. However, consider the location of room. Ex. If it’s a top floor room or sun facing room; the cooling of a lower capacity AC may not suffice.
  3. Features: Almost all units are having standardized features. In my opinion this is a factor which holds less importance.
  4. Build:
    1. Most units are equipped with Rotary compressors as they turn out to be more energy-efficient choice.
    2. Rusting Issue: This should be considered if you’re in a coastal area.
    3. Compressor Cut-Off Temp.: Every compressor has a cut-off threshold i.e. they will stop functioning when temp rises to 45 degrees or above.
  5. Power Consumption:
    1. Star Rating: This factor is extremely popular now-a-days. It represents how energy-efficient an air conditioner is.
    2. A standard calculation of bill can be done by finding product of the total hours an air conditioner runs (on cooling not fan), watts consumed and power tariff.
    3. The key here is to note the no. of hours when the air conditioner compressor is functioning.
    4. You should consider a 5 star rated product only when the consumption is extremely high. In the other case, you might end up paying an extra initial cost even though your consumption is not high enough to reflect a considerable difference in bill.
    5. Purchase a good quality and reputed stabilizer. It increases product life.
    6. Other options for electricity conservation here.
  6. Company:
    1. Check reputation as per your residence area.
    2. Hitachi & General are slightly expensive but are certainly hold an edge in terms of quality and innovation.
    3. Consider the after sales service per your area and dealer. LG is reputed for its service in most areas in India.
  7. Extended Warranty:
    1. Consider this for ease and following.
    2. Rotary compressors are not known for repair and hence are replaced.
    3. Breaking of grills due to rusting is a major concern in coastal areas.
    4. LG provides AMC options in India which includes free servicing.

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