High Security Number Plate(HSRP) Process

HSRP i.e. High Security Registration Plate is highly secured number plate which has got a laser code and is equipped with non removable lock which prevents counterfeiting.

It was in june, 2005 when the Govt. of India amended the Motor Vehicle Act to introduce new tamper proof High Security Registration (HSRP) number plates.  Features incorporated include the number plate having a patented chromium hologram a laser numbering containing the alpha-numeric identification of both the testing agency and manufacturers and a retro-reflective film bearing a verification inscription “India” at a 45-degree inclination. The characters are embossed on the plate for better visibility. The letters “IND” were printed in a light shade of blue on the observers left side under the hologram. Some states like Meghalaya, Sikkim and Goa have already complied in full while others are still in the process.


In Delhi, Initially, the program made HSRP mandatory for new cars. Now, the program is extended to cars manufactured between 2009 and 2012. This document describes the application process for HSRP based on our experience.

The Indian Govt. has set up centers all over Delhi for this process. The centers are divided based on the registration number of vehicles. You can visit the transport department website at this link , enter your vehicle registration number and it will show you the details of the center.

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The process is relatively simple and is described as follows:

  1. Call up the center and ask them for an appointment. This is necessary as some of the authorized centers are still setting themselves up and have not yet started distributing the plates.
  2. Necessary documents are Registration certificate and Valid insurance.
  3. We advise you to carry all documents in original with a copy.
  4. Visit the center applicable to you as per the link.
  5. Submit the documents along with the fees which is approximately Rs. 300. You can confirm it from the authorized center.
  6. Check status of request online.
  7. Visit the center and get number plate.

Unfortunately in our case, the person at the authorized center said that they are yet to start processing and asked to check again next month i.e. July,2013. We will share an update next month with some fruitful updates. 🙂

Note: We noticed that some middlemen have already cropped up promising to get you the HSRP hassle free at some extra cost. We urge you to distance yourself from these people and get this simple thing done on your own. Its really an easy going process.

If you are running a CNG vehicle, it is now necessary to get CNG compliance plate before 1st Aug, 2013. To check the process of getting CNG compliance plates, please check our post here


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  1. I have 2 of my cars one of purchased in 2006 and other in 2008, wanted to know if I could HSRP on them (Delhi), if yes how much does that cost? and where can I get them?

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