Electricity Conservation

This summer, let us save electricity. This slogan is extremely popular with power sector and environmentalists. Former is worried about demand exceeding supply and latter is concerned towards planet earth. There are various methods and suggestions to save electricity. Popular among these are CFL, timer AC, etc. These methods are deployable and adaptable; still not close to basics of energy conservation. This post is all about that. It will put forward some real life examples by which we can save electricity, conserve energy; more importantly money. 🙂

1. Earthing: This is the main focus of this post. Insufficient or no earthing in an electric circuit can lead to leakage of current. This means that you are not consuming a power unit but still being charged for it. Most people do not consider earthing or give it a pass while setting up an electric circuit. But, the following facts stumped me:

  • Domestic consumer of 2 bed room flat was getting a bill of Rs.3000 per month. This was after the   entire family was out of their home for most of the day. It continued for couple of months before they decided to get a check up of electric circuits.
  • Post earthing and some other changes (listed below) their bill reduced to Rs.600 per month.
  • 4 times savings. Also, you’ve conserved energy.


2. Closed/Complete Circuits: Another possibility of leaking current at your place can be an open-circuit. A simple example of this can be a wire that is connected to a switch but with no appliance attached to it. What happens when you switch it on by mistake is that some energy is wasted. Though this amount is very less and negligible but every unit counts to your bill and is wasted. Solution to this to have the unused circuits removed or efficient insulation of open wires.
3. 24*7 Powered on Gadgets: Again a factor that does not contribute a big deal but studies proved that these can contribute to a considerable amount over a period of time. So, ensure that you switch off power supplies to your TVs, set-top boxes, etc.
4. Master Power Switch: Get a master power switch installed at the entrance of your house. It should switch off all circuits leaving a few exceptions like refrigerator. Switch this off while leaving home to be doubly sure of no extra current flowing through the circuit.


We hope this helps you in cutting your power bills and a by-product of entire process would be energy conservation.

Please feel free to share your ideas.


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