CNG Cylinder Compliance Plate

UPDATE: Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL) has extended the Deadline to get the Compliance plate to 31st July, 2013.

Recently, Indraprastha gas limited has made it mandatory to install a compliance plate for the CNG cylinder fitted in all private vehicles. The plate includes a CNG cylinder identification number, date of installation, water capacity (litres), date of last re-test, vehicle registration number and name of the agency issuing the compliance plate. Cylinders are approved for 3 years in accordance with Gas Cylinder Rules 2004, after which they are to be hydrotested. This post contains information regarding the requirements and the procedure to get the compliance plate.

RequirementsScreen Shot 2013-05-12 at 4.57.34 PM

  1. All private vehicles running on CNG should get a compliance plate
  2. showing the CNG kit/cylinder information near the refilling point in the car.
  3. The plate should be installed/ approved by the fitment center from where the CNG kit was purchased.
  4. Private vehicles without the compliance plate will not be given CNG after 1st June, 2013.


  1. The Registration Certificate of the car should have mention of the CNG kit.
  2. You have to carry copies of the RC, Insurance, CNG installation bill and other CNG related papers.
  3. Visit your fitment center (The authorized center from where you got your CNG kit installed) with the documents.
  4. The merchant will provide you the compliance plate within 2-3 days of submitting the documents and will charge anything between Rs. 300- Rs.500 for the same.

Note: You can get the compliance plate from any other fitment center but they might charge you more money. So, we recommend going to the center from where you got the CNG kit installed.

Please share your feedback after going through this process to make this post more useful for readers. If you have got rid of your car loan and want to get the Hypothecation removed from your car registration certificate, please read our post/experience for the same here.

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27 thoughts on “CNG Cylinder Compliance Plate

    • Dilshad,
      Please share your feedback of the process. It helps us validate post and remain up to date. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Last year I hv got cng kit fitted but the fitman has not givwn me so far. Pl. guide me how to and ro whom a compliant can be registered againt him?

    • Hi Manish,

      Have you asked the guy for the plate in recent past? Earlier, it was not mandatory. So, they were not giving it with the Cylinder and Kit. But, if you ask them now, they will not refuse it.

  3. hii thanks for your information but my issue is that i fitted a old cng kit with a dealer in 2010 i dnt have cng endored on rc when i call the dealer he fit the compliance plate too m i will get cng now ?

    • if you have old kit and not registered on your rc, it is invalid and you can’t get the compliance plate. The motive of fitting the compliance plate is to check for such illegal CNG kits. I would advise you to get your CNG registered on your RC.

  4. Continental workshop, Wazirpur is in the authorised list of CNG Fitment centre, is asking Rs.1800/- for getting compliance plate if your CNG get is over 3 year and it will go to Hydro test will take 1 day minimum. Customer has to leave their CNG cylinders in the workshop.

    • Hydro test is required of you kit is more than 5 years old. And compliance plate cost is Rs 300. I will suggest you to visit another centre.

  5. I have CNG in my car and it is also registered on RC of CAR. It is of 7-8 years old and now I do not have any CNG papers. Please guide me How i can get this plate installed on my Car. Also please provide me contact detail for company situated in NOIDA and Faridabad.

    • If your CNG cylinder is more than 5 years old, you need to get hydro test done on it. Visit any CNG fitment center close to you and all got hydro test. They will also guide you regarding the plate.

  6. I purchased a CNG fitted and is also registered with CNG, second hand car . Model of car is, manufacturing in April-2008 and registered in July 2008,. First owner had not given me any paper like receipt of CNG kit & fitting papers etc., except the RC of car. Is it compulsory to get hydro test of the cylinder ? Pl. reply in my mail and pl. let me know the nearest address of CNG cylinder test center ( my residence is in PITAM PURA), & the cost ? Whether the testing center will also fit the compliance plate ?

  7. i have purchased new car in dec 2009, & i fitted the cng kit in march 2010.
    date is mention on the cylinder is 2009. is the hydrotest is compulsory?
    Please suggest

    • Hydro test is to be done for the cylinders every 5 years. If the date on the cylinder is more than 5 years, please get it done!


    • Hi Devashis,

      I have confirmed that the hydro test is now mandatory after 3 years. I’ll update the post accordingly. Thanks for the info. But, Rs 2000 for a compliance plate is too high. I got mine in Rs 300 and know a lot of people who got it in Rs 300. May be because you can’t get CNG without compliance plate now, these dealers are charging as per their wish. As per the government rules, compliance plate comes free with every new kit. I suggest you file a complaint about this issue as this is total harassment.

  9. I have purchased new Maruti WagonR company fitted CNG in July,2013.The compliance plate fitted near fuel Tank shows testing date as 05/2011.My Query is
    -When retesting of CNG system is required.
    -List of authorized dealers in Delhi with contact nos.
    -Cost of such tests & time required for the test

    • Hi Manmohan,

      I can try to answer your based on a discussion i had at one of the CNG filling stations.
      1. They said testing is required every 3 years.
      2. If your vehicle has company installed CNG kit; then you should approach the company service center itself. In your case it should be Maruti.

      Hope that helps. Please share your feedback.
      It will help others. 🙂

  10. I have a company fitted cng intalled in my maruti suzuki zen estillo. The “cylinder’s level & the user manual” says that it should be tested in 5 yrs whereas the CNG pump says that we need get it tested after 3 yrs.

    Pls clarify???

    • As far as i know, it is 3 years. No harm in checking with the company itself.
      Will suggest you to call the Maruti Service station and clarity.
      Please share your inputs. It will help others.

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  12. I have CNG in my car and it is also registered on RC of CAR. It is of 7-8 years old and now I do not have any CNG papers. Please guide me How i can get this plate installed on my Car.

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  14. Dear sir
    I have purchased car CNG fitted second hand from our one of the friend and would like to transfer on my name
    But hydro test is due as it is to be done every 3 years
    I am staying in malwani malad pls give me address where I can get hydro test of cng and get the plate
    Pls send me reply on my mail

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