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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 

An Indian national may need to get some corrections in PAN details registered by the Income Tax Department of India. Some of the scenarios are listed below:

  1. Address Change.
  2. Name change.
  3. Name change after marriage.

Also, there may be a scenario when you need to get your PAN card re-issued due to loss/damage regarding current one. This document lists a recent experience of submitting an application for “Name Change”. The process is similar for other correction related matters; only the documents vary from process to process. The process is very simple and streamlined.

Application Preparation

  1. Firstly, go ahead and download the form “PAN India Correction Form”.
  2. Fill up the form with “Black” ball pen.
  3. Attach a copy of ID proof (PAN, Driving License, etc.)
  4. Attach a copy of Address Proof(Voter Card,DL,Passport,etc.)
  5. If you are applying for name change after marriage; submit copy of “Marriage Certificate” as well. Please refer following link for “Marriage Registration”.
  6. In other case of name change; please submit appropriate documents related to name change.
  7. Submit prescribed fee.

Submission of Application

  1. Submit to the nearest center.
  2. Submit to a financial broker nearby.
  3. Submit Online along with fees.

You will receive your PAN card within 2-3 weeks from submission date. Also, there is no need to submit old PAN card with the application
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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 


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104 thoughts on “PAN Card : Name/Address Change

  1. Hi,
    i need some info about name change and new pan card,
    my maiden name was “neha dadhich”,
    after marriage i want to adopt my husband’s name and surname, (pankaj joshi)
    so i contacted to a lower and he told me to make an affidavit and name change news in news paper,
    so know i have an affidavit which mention that after marriage i let me know as “neha pankaj joshi”

    (i also have marriage certificate which mentioned neha wife of pankaj joshi)

    i would like to know is ionly affidavit and copy of news paper is sufficient to apply a new pan card with changed name after marriage?
    or i need to apply an application in delhi gazette office?

    i have my voter id, driving licence and passport by my maiden name.

    • Neha,

      For name change in PAN, my wife was asked to show her Marriage Certificate. In that the after marriage name was mentioned.
      This was considered as proof for name change.
      If this is not applicable to your case; i would suggest to get in touch with near by PAN office.
      They can guide accordingly.
      All the best. Please share your feedback.

  2. SUMIT
    hiii I had applied my Pan card but there is a Mistake in My name I.e SUNIL JOSHI Insteed Of SUMIT JOSHI. I Had Applied in my near by Pan Card Office but There is no response from there. So I just want to know that What is the procedure to change it.

    • Sumit,

      The procedure is listed.
      You can re-apply for correction with supporting documents and it should be fine.
      Please share your feedback.

  3. Hi,
    In my PAN, my first name is wrongly given as last name and vice versa. I would like to change it. For providing proof of name, my last name is expanded only in passport. My driving license, voterid has only the initials. Please let me know, even to update this, should the ID proof and address proof have same name as I would request in the form.

    Thanks in advance,

    • I think passport will suffice for id card and others for address proof.
      I am sure though, but you can check once with a nearest center. Just carry all documents and submit whatever is required. All the best. 🙂

  4. In the PAN CARD, my name is OK. But in the Income tax returns filing portal, one letter is missing my name. How to get it corrected

  5. Everything is perfect in my PAN card. But my addrees has changed and only the address has to be updated in their database. So when I update my addy ..will they just update the addy in their database or will they issue me a whole new PAN card all over again ? I don’t see the point in issuing a new PAN card when you just update your address, as there is no address on the PAN card anyways..shouldn’t they just update the addy in their database and nothing more ?

    • Tejas,
      I am not sure about it. My guess is that it will be a new PAN card.
      Either ways, you should apply for the changes. 🙂

    • Ashwani,

      Process for PAN card correction is mentioned in the post.
      You can follow it to file your application.
      All the best. 🙂

  6. I have applied for address change online and got to know that some other request is pending.
    But I have raised any update before this.
    So, what should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ujjwal,

      I didn’t get your question.
      Can you please share which request is pending and what is the status you are looking for ?

      • I have raised an online request in March 2013 to update the address on my PAN card. But it has not been processed. They are saying that some old update request is pending on the PAN card. But I have not raised any update before this.

        I have even asked them the details of the previous pending request, but they are not replying anything.

        So what should I do?

        • Ujjwal,

          I am not aware of this process.
          I will suggest a follow up only.
          That’s the only way to figure out. All the best. 🙂

  7. hi..
    i want to change my surname on pancard.
    i have change of name certificate with me.
    but my driving license is not updated with new surname.
    can i apply for pancard name correction without changing name on driving license??

    Thanks in advance.
    your article is really helpful.

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  9. Hello,

    I need to change my signature in the PAN card. However is it possible that they compare the old signature with new one? Because I need to change only my signature and nothing else, so is the form you given here is suffice for signature change also?

    Parimala Dhinadayalan

    • Vipin,

      The post detail can be referred for the change you are looking for.
      They will issue a new card with all details mentioned in form.
      All the best. 🙂

  10. How can i attach the documents proof while submitting the changes for pan card. there is no such thing called attach , to save these documents .

    • Jyothsna, I am not well versed with the online process; but for manual application, I filled form and attached self attested copies…

    • Ankit,

      If your request falls under PAN name change process; please follow the instructions in the post along with relevant documents.
      All the best. 🙂

  11. Hi. I have lot of queries pertinent to PAN Card.
    My maiden name was Anika punjabi and I also had pan card with the same name earlier. Then I got married and my name was changed to Anika mistry. I also got the pan card amended with the new name.
    Also pls note I have 2 bank accounts one with maiden name and the one with new name. And both the banks are askin me to update the pan card no for KYC.
    Now my question is can I update my older account( one with maiden name) with the Pan no. Since the pan no in both the cards is he same. Will there be a discrepency if I use the pan card with new name for older bank accounts.
    2 secondly to add more complexity to it. I’ve lost my both pan cards recently. Now how to apply for issuance of the lost card. And whether I should request them for issuance if two pan cards I.e. One with maiden name and one with new name. Or just for one pan card with new name. Pls help. I’m in a big dilemna.

    • Anika,

      1. For now, i would suggest you to get your PAN card issued in the new name.
      2. You can then update the bank details as per details in PAN card mentioned in #1 (the one with new name).
      3. Regarding your bank account with maiden name; probably you can get a name change done there as well. Get it updated as per your new name to keep everything in sync.
      All the best. 🙂

  12. My wife has a pancard. But sgewants to change the lastname on pancard after the marriage. She doesn’t have a voters id nor the driving license. What is the procedure to get the name change as well what are the documents required for the same.

    • Mehul,

      ID proof and Address proof should suffice.
      Also, The documents are mentioned in the post.
      Request you to please read the post for more details.

  13. Hi..I had filed for an online IT return…however as per communication from CPC Bangalore, I have been advised to contact jurisdiction officer…Now the issue is that my PAN was issued in Patiala ward whereas now I am residing in Delhi…so should I go to Patiala ward for getting the refund or can I apply for the same in Delhi after getting the jurisdiction are changed from Patiala to Delhi..In case I need to changeover to Delhi, please advise on the procedure to be followed

      • ALLZHERE…It was possibly due to my inquisitiveness that I missed the original topic…however am sure considering the facts stated in my content, you will be able to guide me to the best of your kind ability…please suggest!

        • Ajay,

          Don’t have any experience regarding the return process scenario you’re describing and will not be able to help.

  14. Hi, my wife is changing her surname after marriage. I have applied for the This change. Just wanted to know if her PAN number will remain the same? As old one.

  15. hello sir i am waheed i want one help.

    i was fill the details in online and i am pay the money and get the paper.
    i have acknowledgment number but i am enter the mistake in details
    i want reenter my data ….
    please sent the link address to re fill the data

    please sent the link address to my mail my mail address is : please sent the mail to my email address sir

    • Hi,
      You should get in touch with the customer care of TIN…There is a email on website and you can send your query to them.

  16. Hi! Im a married woman who wants to apply for a pan card with my maiden name. What is the title i should select? I do not possess a pan card. All my id proofs are on my maiden name.

  17. Im confused because selecting the title Mrs and giving my maiden name would be inappropriate and changing my name in existing id proofs and then applying for pan card would be a long process and Im in a hurry. And I wish to keep my maiden name. Please help me asap.

    • Hi,

      Salutation is not printed on PAN card; so you should be good with any.
      In case you’re filling manual form, you may try to strike ‘s’ from Mrs.
      Just my thought; not sure if it works.
      All the best. 🙂

  18. Hi
    I filled the online form for name change. but what do I do with the old card. I need to change my name after marraige. Am I supposed to keep the old one or get it cancelled before I request foe a name change?

    • Hi,

      I think you can keep the old card with yourself.
      Refer to the new card with the name changed where ever required.

    • Vijay,

      Not sure what you are looking for.
      The post is here to share our experience and not take requests to process them.
      All the best.

    • Hi Vijay ,

      Can you please elaborate what you are looking for ?
      This is a post that shares experience of a process.

  19. SIr
    Mera name saMODINAGA. ather name .sh.lakhmi cpincoan

    VillV illagekarmat pur sikheda niwari road MODINAGAR. District (ghaziabad) pin code -20120. Tahsil modinagar .
    Sir mera pan card abhi tak nhi aaya h me aap se vinti karta hu ki mera pancard mere address. Par bhej de thanks.
    Mobile no. 7351151711
    Pan card no-DKCPK3886B
    Birthday -03-10-1994

    • Sandeep,

      I am afraid this is not a PAN service center.
      Its a forum where we share our experience so it can help others with the process.
      You can go through the post and see if it helps you.

  20. i have applied for PAN card address change to income tax dept on 13 the jun2012. At bandra kurla complex As of today i have not received any reply.please let me where to follow up for the same.

  21. Hey, there is some mistake in my first name on the PAN card. After correction will my PAN no. be different or it will remain the same ??

    • Hi,

      Not sure about this query, but i think it should be the same. You can visit the near by office to confirm.
      All the best. 🙂

  22. Hi,

    My name is V R N H S Prasad. I have applied for Passport. But they have rejected due to big name. I changed my name to Hari Surya. I got gazette notification also for this. NOw i would like to know how change my PAN card with new name. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.


  23. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for a new pan card for my wife. Her surname has changed after marriage, hence should she mention “yes” as an answer to the question “Have you ever been known by any other name?” and mention her name and surname before marriage in the “Please give the other name question” ?
    Your help would be appreciated.

  24. hi , i have a pan card without surname, in the starting my all document is without surname, which is my 12th marksheet, my voter id card, My Driving license, and Ration card , what should i do. please tell me via my email id =

    • Hi,

      I’m not sure if i got your question but if you’re looking to get the registered phone and address on PAN card, you may want to enquire at the PAN office near your place.

    • Noor,

      jo mainey experience kiya thaa , uskee document list provided hai post mein.
      aap nazdeek ke PAN office mein bhee pataa kar lo ek baar.
      all the best.

    • Hi,
      I guess yes…I am not sure but you can submit the same application for it…no harm trying…you can also enquire from nearest office to confirm exact process…
      All the best.

  25. I need to correct the name in my pan card. my name has two initials mm and in the pan card,there is just 1 initial m. I dnt have any documents with expanded initials. there are many persons who use just initials and not full surname,so am i. I applied online for name correction in pan card with the available documents. but my application was rejected. thanks in advance.

  26. I need to correct the name in my pan card. my name has two initials mm and in the pan card,there is just 1 initial m. I dnt have any documents with expanded initials. there are many persons who use just initials and not full surname,so am i. I applied online for name correction in pan card with the available documents. but my application was rejected.

    • Arul, you can enquire from the department itself.
      They will let you know the reason for discrepancy and how it can be rectified.
      I had a similar issue and followed up for suggestions.
      All the best.

  27. Hi,

    I want to change my address & there is a spelling misktake on my name want to correct that as well.
    Would like to know is it possible to fill the form online & attach the required doc, istead of download the form & visit to nearest center.
    how much i have to pay for the correction in my pan card.

    Kindly revert asap.

    • Hi,
      there is a website which has a online form and the documents need to be couriered. I am not aware of the addresses but Google should help.
      All the best.

  28. I applied for correction in PAN data. My new card is dispatched with the details updated but in know your pan website it still shows the old data. How much time will take to update the new pan data in their data base.

    • This is an issue of PAN migration. It took me 1 year to get it resolved but it took me hell of an effort. You need to write an application to your old AO to transfer the IT details to the new AO. Also send the copy of the letter to the new AO. Then you will need to follow up with the old AO to ensure he sends the request to the new AO to accept the transfer. If you don’t do it…you will have issued getting this resolved. It is not easy…but sadly that’s the only way.

  29. Hi Guys,
    Anil this side, i need an information related to my father’s PAN card.I need to change my grandfather’s name because there is spelling mistake in his name but the problem is my is no more with us please help me how would i change/correct the information on my father’s PAN card. please guys help me n give your opinions.

  30. Hi, My name is POTLAPALLY AMALA. My surname is POTLAPALLY. I have a dought whether my surname should be first or in the last.As per my certificates the name is POTLAPALLY AMALA. Should i change the name to AMALA POTLAPALLY., for the future problems.

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  32. Hi,

    I want to change name and address of my wife on PAN card.
    What address proof i have to attach? She doesn’t have any post marriage address proof
    Will marriage certificate work as ID proof?

  33. My name is ” Vinoth Kumar S K” when I tried to apply for pancard online, I’m getting error message that INITIALS are NOT ALLOWED in FIRST NAME or LAST NAME… All my ID proof carried “VINOTH KUMAR S K”. How to get pan card now.. Kindly help me.

  34. Sir,
    I need to change display name in my 10 years old pan card. To have this change, I need to provide passport as Id proof which is the only photo Id I have. But the passport expired few days back, can this be still used as the ID proof?


      • I’ve ‘Election Card’, but my father’s name has spelling mistake in it. So I can’t use that as ID proof. Is there any other documents such as Birth/Marriage Certificates, School Certificates be used as ID proof?


  35. Hi,

    I need to get me wife’s last name and address change in the PAN Card after marriage. Would the marriage certificate work for both changes. Please advise.


    • Hi,
      The details are mentioned in the post. The same documents should apply now, though i got the name change done some time back.

  36. Hello,
    I have my pan card with my married name like Priya xyz abc

    I want to change my pan card to my maiden name Priya STU DEF. as my passport and green card both have my maiden name. What documents will I need to change back to maiden name. I am married.

    • Hi Priya,

      I think you can go with suggested approach and provide passport as proof of name you want to change to.
      I am not sure of this because usually its the other way round.

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