Delhi Jal Board – Name Change/Mutation Process

Name change in government office documents is a task left aside due to negligence or lazyness and Delhi Jal Board is no exception; however its a fairly simple and straight forward application process.
This document describes procedure to apply for “Name Change – Meter Connection” in Delhi Jal Board Department.

  1. Form: Duly filled form. Download.
  2. Application: An application written to the officer of your region requesting name change.
  3. ID proof: ID proof of applicant. (Passport/ Election ID/ Aadhar Card etc)
  4. Address proof of applicant. (Passport/ Election ID/ Pan Card etc).
  5. Proof of ownership: Conveyance Deed if property is free hold from DDA. Else, copy of registry of sale deed. Please confirm these for your case as there are considerations if property is jointly owned (NOC should be produced). Also, in case of transfer of property due to death of owner; you may be required to produce additional documents like “Succession Certificate”.
  6. Affidavit: An affidavit indemnifying DJB from any legal dispute, duly attested by Notary Public. You can ask any notary for this; they have format and other details.
  7. Bill: Copy of last paid water bill.
  8. Fee: Submit the prescribed fee.
  9. Attestation: All documents must be attested by notary.

Once your application is submitted at the nearest office, it may take up to 2 billing cycles for completion of request. I would suggest you to do a follow up against your request to track progress.

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  2. Delhi Jal Board sucks… I have paid an amount of 10000 against my bill still they have charged me 12000 in the curret bill which includes the period for which I have already paid. When contacted nobody is willing to help and said that bill is correct and you have to pay the amount again.. WTF

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