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Contact Updater is another app developed by Allzhere and hosted on Google Play at the following link:

As the name suggests, Contact Updater is an app that updates your contacts.
The concept and usage scenario is typically found but not available in other applications.
We all add/edit contacts to our phonebook on daily/weekly basis. However, there are chances that you forget to append a country code to the number. Ex – AABBCCDDEEFF
What this potentially means is that you will have to edit that number if you’re outside your home network and append it with a country specific code.

This is where Contact Updater comes handy.
It will search those numbers and append the selected country code.
Hence, you can internationalize your contacts to ensure no last minute changes are required every time.

Usage Scenario Example:
1. You live in India and have a mobile number registered in India.
2. Now, you travel to a foreign country; say “Thailand”.
3. From Thailand, you want to call to number i.e. AABBCCDDEEFF in India.
4. This call will fail.
5. In order to make this call, you need append a country code (+91 in this case) to make a call.

Doing the above exercise manually for hundreds of contacts can be cumbersome and sound practically impossible.

Here’s how our app can help you:

1. Download & Install App.
2. Run App.
3. Choose the Country Code and No. of contacts.
4. Select Contacts to Change Option selected.
5. Click on “Proceed”
6. It will show you eligible contacts and check boxes against each record.
7. Select the contacts to change.
8. This action will automatically append the selected country code to the contacts you wished to change.

Following are some other features available in this app:
1. Change All Contacts.
2. Preview
3. Undo Changes

We suggest you to view the “Help” section and watch demonstration video for more details.
Note: Request you to please backup your contacts.

Check out the demonstration video :



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