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fastcameraiconWe have developed our first application on Android for clicking pictures without opening any camera application. It clicks a picture whenever you press the APP ICON. This way, you do not miss an important shot while your camera app is still opening.

The most amazing features available in this simple looking camera app are the ‘wait time’ and ‘burst shot’ features. Imaging you can click 9 pictures at once without even opening the app.


Lite version (Free) :…
Pro Version (Paid) :…

1. Shutter Sound – On/ Off
2. Auto Focus – On/ Off
3. Flash – On/ Off/ Auto
4. Wait Time (Only Available in the PRO version) – Adds a delay time of up to 9 sec before clicking a shot.
5. Success Message – You can edit the message you wish to see after a successful click. Change to blank if you don’t want anything to come up (Spy)
6. View – Select your favorite file browser to check all the pictures from within the app
7. Skip Gallery – Enable this feature if you do not want the pictures clicked form Fast Camera to appear in Gallery. This feature is device dependent.
8. Hide Pictures – Enabling this feature will hide all the pictures clicked from Fast Camera in the SD card.
9. Delete – In case of an emergency, you can delete all pictures clicked from Fast Camera at once using this option.
10. Burst Shot (Only Available in the PRO version) – Enables clicking up to 9 shots at once. If burst mode is enabled, the app will click the specified number of shots at once. You can choose to exit the burst mode anytiome by clicking the back button of your device. The time required will depend on the speed of the device. We tested the app on multiple devices with following average results for 9 clicks
* Google Nexus 4 ~ 3.5 seconds
* Samsung Galaxy s3 ~ 4.5 sec
* Samsung Galaxy Note running Jellybean ~ 12 sec
* HTC one X ~ 6 sec

For more details, check out the app video here


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