SQL Fiddle : Run/Execute SQL Online : Video Tutorial

SQLFiddle is an online SQL query processing tool. This means you can run your SQL statements online without having a locally installed database. It can overcome the feature where you can have a database inside a portable disk and plug it for use anywhere. It is also designed to support multiple databases. Following is a list of supported databases:

  1. Mysql
  2. Oracle
  3. Postgres
  4. SQLite (WebSQL)
  5. MS SQL Server 2012

I did a quick demo of this tool and following lists my experience:

  1. Visit http://www.sqlfiddle.com/
  2. Choose database.
  3. In the text area on the left side, Enter the scripts to build schema i.e. create tables, insert data, etc.
  4. Build schema.
  5. Ensure it is created successfully.
  6. In the text area on right, enter SQL scripts and RUN.
  7. Output is displayed on-screen.
  8. Practice as much you want to.
  9. You can view explain plans as well.
  10. I tried the following queries which help me to brush up concepts during interview
    1. Select employee and respective department details.
    2. Count of employees in each department.
    3. Name of department where count of employee is > 100.
    4. Count of employees in department where employee_id > 1000.
    5. Self join example.
    6. Further, you can save the queries by logging in using an OPEN_ID (https://www.myopenid.com/).
    7. Next time, when you login, the scripts will be populated.
    8. Create schema and you’re good to go.
    9. Enjoy.

Sample Queries and practice demo text can be found here.
Checkout the Video Tutorial for more details:



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8 thoughts on “SQL Fiddle : Run/Execute SQL Online : Video Tutorial

  1. I’m not seeing any results after executing the query. It just gives the message Record Count: 0; Execution Time: 3ms View Execution Plan link and no results.

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