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Online shopping using credit card is not a new thing at all. However, with growing pace and increasing number of online transactions, there is a need to revolutionize the entire online payment process varying from entering details to SMS alerts. American Express has taken a step in that direction by introducing “eZe Click”. Basically, eZe click has been launched to remove the burden of entering credit card and personal details while authorizing a transaction. The following describes my experience:

  1. I went to for a recharge.
  2. On payment options, clicked on “eZe Click by American Express”.
  3. It asks for options viz. “Enter Id” or “Create One”
  4. Clicked on “Create One” and it took me to a registration screen where i punched in my credit card(used for transaction) and personal details(address,pin code,etc.).
  5. Registration complete and ID generated.
  6. Next time when i go for an online transaction, i will just enter by eZe click ID and go ahead with the transaction.
  7. No fuss about entering 5-7 fields including address, pin code ,etc.

It saves a lot of time and typo effort during the transaction. Also, you don’t need to refer to your card every time you do an online transaction as those details were already entered while registration of eZe click ID.

You can also visit for more details and registration link.

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