LPG Cylinder Application Process In Delhi

Recently, one of my friends got a LPG connection from Bharat Gas in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

This document describe application process as per his experience.

  1. Go to http://www.ebharatgas.com/pages/index.html
  2. Fill in the registration form for “Register a New Domestic LPG Connection”.
  3. This form will serve as KYC form and application request form.
  4. It will ask all personal details of candidate.
  5. One successful completion, you will get a “wait list id”.
  6. Take a print out of the form along with the “Wait_List_Id”.
  7. Attach the following documents with your application:
    • ID proof: PAN Card/DL, etc.
    • Address Proof: Passport/DL/Rent agreement, etc.
  8. Note: Please ensure that the proofs do not have conflicting details Eg. If you are submitting DL as ID proof and Rent Agreement as address proof; they must have the same address and name details. The best combination would be to submit PAN Card as ID proof and any other listed document as address proof.
  9. Now visit nearest Bharat Gas Agency. You can locate it online on the above mentioned web site as well
  10. Submit application along with documents proof. Please carry original documents. Besides this, carry some other ID/Residence proofs as well. It’s always better to have it handy when you’re visiting a government office.
  11. The officer in charge will accept file and return a receiving receipt.
  12. Collect it and inquire about status and request completion date. To this, the officer may answer that you’ll receive an Email or SMS alert. However, that was not true in our case. You should pro-actively check in 20-30 days for the status of your request.
  13. Upon checking, if he says that request has been processed, deposit Cash. Note: We experienced a gray area here. Bharat Gas executive told that buying stove was mandatory. However, logically that should not be the case as someone might be re-locating and already has a stove. My friend didn’t argue much on this though.
  14. Cash amount will include Stove, Regulator, connector Pipe, and Security Deposit.
  15. Officer will provide you with a Consumer Id.
  16. Collect that receipt.
  17. Cylinder will be delivered in next 1-2 days.
  18. The delivery person will do the setup (if required).
  19. Collect bill of amount paid in step 12.
  20. You’re done. Note: Please remain patient during the entire process and I am sure I don’t need to provide an explanation for this.

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