Buying Guide : Microwave Oven

This is our first post on “Buying Guide” and we’ll focus to the point without doing any build up about the product. Here we go.

Needless to say that Microwave Oven is a necessity for every kitchen. Here we are describing some basics for short listing a microwave oven for your home.

Following considerations should be made for purchasing a microwave:

1. Type of Usage

Heating Is your microwave used primary to heat cooked food?
Convection Are you baking stuff frequently?
Grill Grilling meat or other items?

2. Frequency of Usage: For the Point#1 explained above, just assign a no. which indicates the frequency of usage of each scenario. Eg. Heating: 25/day, Convection: 1/day, Grill: 1/day.

3. The above two steps will help you filter out products at a first level i.e. Heating/Convection/Grill. Though I would like to highlight that the cost difference between these will not be much. Eg. A microwave for heating costs around Rs. 8000, Heating + Convection costs around Rs.10000 and Heat + Convection + Grill will be around Rs. 12000.

4. Next step you want to look for is the cavity inside. This is an endless discussion but my experience with stainless steel has been much better than the painted cavity. There is no such heating issue (hand burning) with stainless steel as well.

5. Decide capacity of microwave that you’re looking for.

6. Now decide on some less critical but important factors like:

  • User panel i.e. Touch or Button panel.
  • Ease of use.
  • Power Consumption. Check the wattage and calculate as per your usage. More details on power conservation here.
  • Noise.

7. Company: Consider the following factors here:

  • Reputation: Since all companies are producing almost all products; a study on which one good in home appliances production should be done.
  • After Sales Service: This is a big consideration in buying any electronic and another topic of endless discussion. I have been content with LG service in Delhi. However, microwave repair work can be easily done in local market as well.

8. Extended Warranty: These options are very cheap for microwave. I opted for a 4 year LG AMC contract for Rs. 2000 only.


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23 thoughts on “Buying Guide : Microwave Oven

    • Arthi,
      Thanks for appreciation.
      However, i’m afraid we cannot get into comparisons and reviews because of location,company,dealer/retailer dynamics.
      Eg. A brand and dealer that has excellent service in Delhi may not be same as Mumbai or Bangalore.
      The article targets at basics to be kept in mind when you’re buying a microwave and we post what we’ve experienced and not just read/heard from some source. πŸ™‚

  1. Hi,
    Found your guide to be very useful. Please help me as i have a doubt.
    I own a samsung convention + grill model microwave. Can i make use of aluminium trays to bake some cookies or cakes in them. Kindly reply.
    Thanks in advance

    • Anandi,

      Thanks for appreciating.
      Per my experience, always seen baking(pasta,etc.) in borosil equipment.
      Still, you can check with a near by store. πŸ™‚
      Hopefully, that helps.

  2. Nice post. Very basic. I wanted to gift an Oven to my Mom. Surprise ofcourse. So can’t ask her to come along. This post gave me insight what to look for. I definately want stainless steel, heating+cnvection type Samsung Oven. In our town we only have Samsung service available.

    • Thanks for your inputs.
      All the best for your shopping and please post your feedback and experience.
      It could help in improving the post.

  3. Can you be a little more specific rather giving general info.
    Like you can tell what capacity is best for home kitchen purpose, or is there any advantage or disadvantage of going for very advanced microwave with baker and griller?

    • Priyar,
      The answers to your question are specific to every household.
      The capacity and type completely depends on what you cook using microwaves.
      If it’s cake,pasta,etc.,you man need a larger capacity and baking features.
      Also consider the quantity of food you cook.
      Just analyze your cooking habits and you will have the answer to those questions…all the best.

  4. Good check points. They help the buyer to narrow down quickly on plenty of choices & specifications available now in microwave market. Thanks for sharing your experience. I need your help in point 6.4 about NOISE. Could you please help in a choosing a noiseless oven? I think noiseless machine is something unimaginable, but I wonder if there is one such oven. At least could you please suggest me a oven which makes lesser noise.

    • Hi,

      One check can be to check the quality or heaviness of the body.
      It will automatically help in noise reduction.
      All the best. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kumar,

      I’m not aware of the contracts in particular. You can enquire from the customer care.
      I enquired it from the nearest LG showroom in my case.

  5. Friends,
    In Indian market lots of microwaves with stainless steel cavity or ceramic cavity.
    Pls suggest ..
    i) Which cavity is best stainless steel or ceramic cavity ? and.. why ?
    ii) Name of company or model 23Lt or 25Lt ..
    iii) Approximate Price too.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi,

      For all your queries, we have shared our experience and some guidelines based on it.
      The rest analysis needs to be done at your end.
      We do not recommend or endorse any specific brand.
      All the best. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi…Please guide which one to buy among LG mj3283bcg and IFB 30 SRC 2?? And how to avail the extended warranty from LG or IFB?? I hail from Delhi.

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