Everything about Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI

With Speculations all over about launch of a new Galaxy series phone by Samsung in next week, the market is already buzzing high on this device called ‘Galaxy S3 MINI’. Samsung is sending invites for a surprise event which says ‘something small will be really big, get ready for a little sensation.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Important things to know about Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini:

  • Smaller: Speculations are that MINI will have a screen size of 4 inches compared to 4.8 inches screen in S3. This will share the market space directly with iPhone5 which also has same screen size.
  • Latest Android: MINI is rumored to be powered with Android JellyBean, Googles’ latest mobile phone operating system.
  • Speculation are that the phone will have a dual core processor and a 5MP camera and 480 x 800 WVGA Super AMOLED touch screen

So, if you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy S3 but holding on due to its bigger size, wait for the MINI!!!  We’ll keep on updating the story as we get new updates. Come back for more.

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