Zipper Locks – Delhi Metro/Railway Safety Precaution

Delhi Metro and other railways serve an excellent mode of transportation to public.

However, there are some safety issues and I am going to highlight one such scenario.
Commuters often carry bag packs to office. There are two sections in these bags. The main section is mostly used for laptops, books, etc. The other section stores miscellaneous stuff like iPod, cell phone, wallet, cash, etc. Zippers in these bags can be easily opened without ones attention. It’s an easy call for a thief as Delhi metro/Railway trains are crowded and noise levels are reasonably high.

My bag pack was opened when I was leaving New Delhi Railway Station. Luckily, everything was in place.
I have come across couple of incidents in which some commuters in Delhi Metro were robbed of the following:

  1. iPod.
  2. Cosmetics.

Though the second item (mentioned above) stolen was not of great value; these incidents call for a basic security measure to be taken.

Safety Measure
Per my observation, I would suggest any of the following options to reduce chance of incidents described above:

  1. Hang your bags in front.
  2. Zipper Locks: A safer option is to get zipper locks for your bags. If these are attached, it will make thief’s call tougher and reduce chances of incident.

These can be installed at any “Retail/Repair Bag Shop”. The zipper locks cost Rs. 5-10 each. Locks vary from company to company.

I certainly agree that a lock can catch a few eyes and raise eyebrows of people with suspicious intent. However, I’m sure having a lock in place makes sense; at least for one who lost his/her iPod and other victims of similar incidents. I will be sharing this one with him/her. 🙂

Demonstration Images

Closed Bag

Closed Bag

Opened Bag

Opened Bag

Locked Bag

Locked Bag


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