National Population Register

Recently, Govt. of India launched second phase of registration drive for National Population Register(NPR). Under this drive, govt. is targeting to capture biometric details for citizens listed under census of India. For more details on the project and vision; please refer the following link.

Last weekend,I experienced the process to register myself for NPR and will be briefing the same. Govt. of India has set up camps at various locations for NPR registration. These camps are setup mostly for a week and function from 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM. You need to visit these camps. In case you’re not aware of the location of camp, you should get in touch with your RWA or nearest census office for more details. The camp for my residential area was setup in a nearby govt. school. Following 2 different approaches are available depending on the documents that you possess :

If you have an Aadhar Card:

  1. Visit the camp.
  2. Tell officer about your residential address and he/she will guide you to a registration booth with a form.
  3. Present your Aadhar card to the executive.
  4. He will scan your card and ask for confirmation your details.
  5. Executive may ask for an ID/Address proof like Driving licence, Voter Id,etc.
  6. Executive will print acknowledgement.
  7. Take the acknowledgement and leave.
  8. You can check the status of request online.

If you Don’t have an Aadhar Card:

  1.  Visit the camp.
  2. Tell officer about your residential address and he/she will guide you to a registration booth with a form.
  3. Present ID/Address proof to executive along with a form.
  4. He will enter details in system including biometric data.
  5. Please verify data input by executive.
  6. Upon verification Executive will print acknowledgement.
  7. Collect acknowledgement and leave.
  8. Please check status of request online.

Note: The “Aadhar” system used to capture details. However, this is not Aadhar registration. As told by an officer at the camp, it is a proposal to issue a UID card. Please refer the image below.

Aadhar Vs NPR

Aadhar Vs NPR

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34 thoughts on “National Population Register

  1. I and my family has no adhar cards no registration no. We never have recieved what to do now . I dont know where to contact.

    • Aadil,

      In case you have not applied for Aadhar yet; you can refer the blog.
      If you have applied and not received as yet, please visit the aadhar web site and enter the acknowledgement no. to track status.
      It will tell you about the current status and if any further actions are required from your end.

    • Saad,

      I am not sure if there’s any tracking on non-registration of NPR.
      However, as govt. moves on with this project and makes it mandatory in various processes (ex. Aadhar); you will need it in future.

  2. I have registered for NPR on dec 2012 and non yet recieved the card. How can i check the status on NPR online using the acknowldgement number?

    • Hi Sujith,

      I am not sure of this as i have not checked my status as well.
      However, you can give it a try at the Aadhar website considering the base system for NPR enrollment was same as Aadhar.
      All the best.
      Please post your feedback.

    • I have not yet received my NPR Card against EA Code: 1040 dated 15/11/13 11:39:18 UID 3363-0772-6227. How can I get the card on line?

      • Hi Ranu,

        Even i have been waiting for the same but there has not been any update.
        Never heard of any online process for this as well.

    • Zeeshan,

      The camps were setup in respective localities of Delhi.
      However, that was few months back.
      I am not sure about camps around jamia.

      But you can inquire about it at a near by Voter Registration Center.
      They might be able to help you.
      In case it works, please share your feedback.

    • Hi Khushboo,

      I haven’t heard of the next camps as yet.
      However, you can inquire at the nearest Voter Card Registration Office. They might be able to help you; though i am not sure.
      Please post your feedback.
      All the best.

    • Anklesh,

      Thanks for your query.
      However, i have already answered this query in comments on this post.


      I am not sure if there’s any tracking on non-registration of NPR.
      However, as govt. moves on with this project and makes it mandatory in various processes (ex. Aadhar); you will need it in future.”

  3. i have been trying to check my npr status but not succeeded. i have tried with UID Adhar portal but not responding. can anyone suggest sites and where i can track my NPR status. i was enrollment No is 1190/33138/04018; date and time: 17/07/2012 15:12:39.
    plz help.

    • Pascal,

      As far as i know, the NPR team leveraged a system similar to Aadhar but its a separate entity.
      I don’t think that you’ll be able to get your status from Aadhar site.
      Even i got my registration done long time back and have not heard any progress.
      Will post an update if i have something substantial.

  4. I had registered for NPR on 15-03-2013 in the camp held in Govt School, Kishan Garh,
    (Vasant Kunj area). Please let me know as to how to check the status.

    • Mahesh, Aadhar status can be checked online.
      Also, recently government had intimated about the e-aadhar as well.
      Please check out the aadhar site for details.


    • Hi,

      This forum has listed the post detailing experience of registering the NPR.
      I have not received any card and am waiting as well.
      Also, i will not be able to help you out with status as i am not aware of that process.

  6. I stay at Munirka Vihar (near Vasant Vihar)
    When is the next NPR camp scheduled in this area. The website does not have any links to give a list of ongoing camps or schedule of future camps.

    • Raju,

      That’s grey area for us as well.
      Look out for news papers or any other announcements. All the best 🙂

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have already register with the Aadhar and got my card to all my family members… however, again it is pestered that, we will have to show the NPR acknowledgment to AAdhar camp who is around the corner in Chennai..I'm from Chennai….telling that with the NPR acknowledgement number and my old AADHAr card I have to visit and show them, then they would verify and give us new I identification number..that will be the final number for using it as a citizen…IS it Correct? My question is I have lost my NPR acknowledgment slip..what to do now? looking forward your favorable reply is solicited… Ramu..Chennai

  8. I have enrolled my Adhar card along with my wife, on December 27,2012 at Madurai, Tamil nadu. My wife adhar card has been generated on August 04,2013 .But myself and wife lost our Acknowledge slip that was given to us during my enrollment.

    Please guide me, how to get my Adhar card number and download the same.

    • Radhakrishnan,

      We don’t have an knowledge about your case and will not be able to help.
      Request you to please contact the Aadhar customer care for such a scenario.
      They have a toll free number as well.
      All the best. 🙂

  9. Location Ward 165 , Nanganallur and adambakkam areas
    Aadar id enrolment camp in progress now.Our names found missing in the NPR survey taken way back in 2010. No information yet on where, whom to approach for name inclusion in NPR for nanganallur,adambakkam areas.Will NPR camp be held for name inclusion in the extended areas like nanganallur. Presently no information from corporation, aadhaar, NPR in the extended areas and about missing names in 2010 survey.please give me mail id for any clarification

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