Trip to Gwalior

I visited Gwalior over a long weekend on New Year’s Eve, 2012. It’s a nice place to visit for 3-4 days. I started my journey from New Delhi to Bhopal via train in New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi. Train journey takes 4 hours and I booked a cab to my hotel i.e. Usha Kiran Palace.

This is the only luxury hotel in Gwalior. Distance from Railway station to palace is not much and cab takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the palace.I checked in and relaxed for some time before heading to check out local bazaar.Pick up some Morena style Gajjak and Indore famous namkeen from local vendors. It taste’s amazing.

I planned second day for site seeing and following are options you can explore (in 1 day):

  1. Jai Villas Palace: Tour takes 1 hour to cover palace. It has some very interesting stuff in place.
  2. Sun Temple.
  3. Tansen Tomb.
  4. Gwalior Fort: The following are covered inside Gwalior fort only:
    1. Man Mandir Palace.
    2. Teli Ka Mandir.
    3. Saas Bahu Mandir.
    4. Daata Bandi Chhor Gurudwara.
    5. Music/Light Show: This starts in the evening and is worth a watch.

For site seeing, you can book a cab from hotel and if you are looking for a cheaper option; call a local vendor.

Food: Since I stayed at Usha Kiran Palace, following are food options you can explore nearby in Lashkar:

  1. Volga Restaurant: Nice family restaurant.
  2. Food City
  3. Shaan-o-Shaukat: Try out chaat and samosas at this place.
  4. Agarwal Milk: Hot kadhai milk. Superb.

Headed back to delhi via Shatabdi next day. If you’re travelling with luggage and kids, better get coolie/porter service as train halts for 5 mins only.


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