Moradabad Foodie Weekend

Disclaimer: This article is for foodies. It’s regarding Indian food and has Hindi references. Also, Moradabad is tedious to write every time so I’m going to refer it as MBD. 🙂

October,2012 “Bakra Eid” weekend. This was when I visited Moradabad. Purpose of my visit was to witness my wife’s ancestral property !!!!. Ok, I’ll be honest with myself and admit that purpose was “Food”.

With a really long checklist to accomplish over a weekend, we headed to MBD via train.
“Intercity Express” is the best train from New Delhi to MBD starting evening around 19:30.

However, I opted for a different train due to my office hours. Journey from Delhi to MBD takes about 3.5 hours and has 3-5 major stations on the way. But the one you should not miss is Hapur. Hapur station serves an amazing snack cum dinner option of “Masala Choley” (Spiced Chic-Peas). It’s a mouth watering recipe belonging to Hapur and trust me 1 serving is just not enough.
Journey; kick started !!! Nothing great about other stations on the way.
Reached MBD late night and took a sound sleep.

We’re up and heading for breakfast in some time. The breakfast at MBD consist of a traditional “Moradabadi Dal” followed by “Jalebi”. Moradabadi Dal is a specially cooked moong dal. It is spiced up and served hot. Pour some lemon juice and dried red chili. Go for a bite and you just won’t stop.
Enjoy !!!

*This dish is served road side and most of the stuff gets sold by 09:00.

Next up, we have Jalebi at Ganj. This is unlike delhi as jalebi is served in the evening along with snacks.
Done with breakfast and stomach shouts at us; “No space for lunch”!!!
Not to anyone’s surprise, we had lunch at home.

Just like any place in India, MBD has its unique way of spicing up food. For lunch, we had “Rajma” with a thick hot (spicy) tomato curry. Served with these are some chutney like “Lehsoon”, “Dhaniya” and “Pudina”. Don’t dare to miss “Hing” pickle. All this adds up to a feast and we’re done with lunch.
Rest time at home.

Its late evening, and we’re off to bazaar (local market – Ram Ganga Vihar) for “Chaat”. All regular items were delicious but star of the evening was “Singgharey ki Kachri” (Mashed Water Chestners). It was amazing and hats-off to the innovation.
After a torturous day, stomach had mellowed down now and was politely saying,
“Please, Please don’t do this to me. What have I done to deserve this onslaught from food and spices.”

We don’t care. Let’s head to Shankar Sweets at Amroha Gate for milk. This is again a traditional recipe of “Kadhai Milk” and is served hot. Superb and is divine in winters.
Day is over. Off to bed.
Next morning, we’re fresh and ready for more.

We eat countless “Bedhmi” with Aloo Subzi and the chutney. Hogged, Hogged and Hogged.
We decided to skip lunch until we received an invitation for “Mutton Mela”. It was Bakri-Eid and we headed for a late lunch.
Simply put, bowls serving “Mutton Curry”, “Gurda Kaleji” and “Biryani” were emptied. Listening to songs by late Mohd. Rafi was an add-on.
This is it. No more food. I am fasting for the next two days.
But some more unique things of MBD were yet to come.

  1. Namkeen.
  2. Gajak

We clubbed these two things and made the best combination ever. Namkeens were deadly and specialities were “Paneer Lacchha Mixture” and “Tomato Bhujia”. Ask for these from any person in MBD.
Along with this, Gajak (Paatiram) is the best I ever had. It’s so soft and tender that it can break with the most delicate touch.
Just umm-azing in taste. I haven’t tasted a better gajak till date. It’s a sin to give this a pass.
That was it for MBD and we headed back to Delhi.

I got some packets of gajak only to finish them it one shot. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Moradabad Foodie Weekend

  1. A very aptly written article on Moradabad. I have been out of this town, since more than 20 years and live abroad all this while. But I become so nostalgic about Moradabad food. I remember when in college, I and my friends used to go to eat this mooing dal on road side, spiced up with lemon juice and sabut mirch and a piece of butter. I think what you really missed mentioning in this article is desi ghee jalebi s and samosa by babu ram and desi ghee tiki by sham chat bandar in a small corner shop in gang area (not sure if this is the place). Tiki at Shankar mishthan and rabri is really yummy. Don’t know if somebody can mention recipe for breakfast dal, which is unique to. Moradabad only.

    • Rahul,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I have heard of the places you mentioned in the comment but did not get a chance to try it out. As a rule and practice, we post about 1st hand experience only.
      Moradabad offers great food and one weekend is just not enough. 🙂 … Again , thanks for your comment and share if its worth…

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